Employment Type
Contract Length
1-3 Months
Non Profit
Business Engineering Finance International Business Startups

Job Qualifications

  • Current university students, or;
  • Soon to be graduates looking for management consulting experience
  • Students and graduates who are ambitious about, and hungry for management consulting work experience
  • Students who need to launch a successful career in management consulting
  • Fluent in English
  • You must be over 18 to be considered for this program

Job Benefits

  • Boost your confidence as a junior consultant in 8 weeks

Job Description

For who: current university students and soon-to-be graduates looking for management consulting experience. No previous experience is required.

Our consulting program is aimed at students and graduates who are ambitious about, and hungry for management consulting work experience. Our 8-week consulting program will help you develop and demonstrate to future employers the key skills needed to launch a successful career in management consulting.

Program highlights;

1) Work on real business projects
2) Get supervised by an experienced consultant
3) Develop business acumen
4) Guaranteed place on the program
5) You can find our alumni in IBM, Deloitte, Accenture, Google, PwC, to name a few.


A comprehensive skill set with the tools and knowledge needed for management consulting
Following the induction, you will be divided into teams, working on real consulting projects. As a Junior Consultant, your responsibilities will include market research, data collection, formulating solutions, strategy report writing, and presenting your findings to senior decision makers, to name a few.

Meet industry experts, grow your global network, and expand your commercial awareness
To maximise your professional growth & development, as well as increase your industry-specific learning, we hold a range of sectoral seminars, informative discussions, and skills workshops with a range of global companies and world-renown organisations throughout the 8-week program.
Over the course of the program, you will develop key transferable skills to demonstrate on your resume including;

- Leadership
- Problem soving
- Analytical reasoning
- Critical thinking
- Adaptability
- Teamwork
- Communicatioin
- Project management
- Relationship building

Sector you could work with:
- Clean energy
- Logistics and storage
- Technology
- AR
- Biomedical
- Research & Development

Who we work with:

We work closely with a variety of different clients
From start-ups to large multinational companies, and in several key areas of management consulting, we provide strategic advice where it is most impactful. We draw from three basic approaches when building and implementing sustainable solutions for our clients.

Overview on you being a Junior Consultant:
As Junior Consultants, you will be immersed in live client projects from the get-go!
Throughout the program, you will be working alongside other Junior and Senior consultants in helping provide a tangible impact for our clients whilst developing a valuable skill set to launch your management consulting career.

We provide consulting internships for aspiring professionals looking to gain the relevant skills and experience to enter the management consulting industry. For our consulting internships, you will be providing strategic advice and implementing business solutions for real business problems.

Apply & launch your Management Consulting career with us

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