Dominican Republic
Employment Type
Contract Length
1 Year+

Job Qualifications

  • 3+ years in a sales and marketing or call center environment.
  • Microsoft Office Suite, CRM, and online tool proficiency.
  • Intermediate to Advanced skills in Excel.
  • Ability to handle multiple priorities at a time.
  • Organization skills.
  • Written and verbal communication.
  • Presentation skills
  • A computer is supplied after one year in this role, so you must have a laptop or desktop and access to high-speed internet to begin.

Job Benefits

  • Fixed Base Salary & Bonuses
  • Company Revenue Based Bonus
  • Annual Equipment Stipend
  • Annual Cost of Living Increases
  • PTO, Paid Holidays

Job Description

The Quality Administrator is responsible for assessing the quality of the performance of our outbound and inbound team. They will monitor clients' campaigns processes, and work on different CRMs and systems to export the required data to analyze team performance.

The responsibilities of the role will include but are not limited to:

Technical planning and setup for outbound campaigns.
Billing, performance, productivity monitoring, and analytics.
Using CRMs, applicant tracking systems (ATS), and other databases to organize and assess information.
Using online messaging programs and project management tools to discuss company business, communicate with team members, attend training, etc.
Internet research, data compilation, and reporting.
Continuously working with management to support Telesales Guru's quality goals.