United States of America
Employment Type
Contract Length
3-6 Months
Camp Jobs


Job Qualifications

  • Experience working with children
  • Expert in your skill or sport

Job Benefits

  • $2,000 Salary based on a 9 week placement
  • Travel 30 days after camp
  • Accommodation, food and medical insurance provided
  • Low cost application fee
  • Placements lasting from 9 - 16 weeks
  • Make friends and memories for life
  • Teach your passion
  • Make an impact on a child's life

Company Description

Skilled Summers offers a transformative experience for individuals seeking adventure, personal growth, and a chance to make a meaningful impact. We provide unique opportunities for talented individuals, aged 18+ to travel to the USA to teach their skills at top-notch summer camps. Whether you're passionate about sports, arts, outdoor activities, or horse riding etc then Skilled Summers can connect you with the perfect camp that aligns with your expertise.

Job Description

Location: Various premium summer camps across the USA

Duration: Minimum 9 weeks starting from May 1st - June 20th

Salary: Earn at least $2,000 plus additional benefits


Teaching: Share your expertise and passion by leading engaging activities in your chosen skill or hobby, ranging from sports and outdoor adventures to arts and crafts, music, and more.

Supervision: Ensure the safety and well-being of campers, providing guidance and fostering a positive and inclusive camp environment.

Mentoring: Build meaningful connections with campers, helping them develop new skills, build confidence, and create lasting friendships.

Team Collaboration: Work closely with a diverse team of fellow counsellors, sharing responsibilities and contributing to the overall success of the camp program.


Enthusiastic, energetic, and passionate about working with children.
Demonstrated expertise in a specific skill, hobby, or activity.
Previous camp experience or experience working with youth is a plus.
Strong communication and teamwork skills.
Commitment to the full duration of the camp season (minimum 9 weeks).


Competitive compensation, starting at $2,000 for the summer.
Food, accommodation, and medical insurance provided.
Opportunity to travel and explore the USA for 30 days after camp.
Access to premium summer camp facilities and resources.
Training and professional development opportunities.
Boost your CV with life changing experience