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Group Courses – in-person: $891 US dollars per 9-week session
12 hours per week (Certified Spanish University course + Conversational Spanish classes)
Classes are four days per week (Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays & Fridays) for three hours per day.
Wednesdays are used at excursion days and are for teacher office hours.
1 session (about 2.5 months) = $891 USD
2 sessions (about 5 months) = $1,782 USD
3 sessions (about 7.5 months) = $2,535 USD – includes 5% discount
4 sessions (about 10 months) = $3,385 USD – includes 5% discount
5 sessions (about 12 months) $4,140 USD – includes 7% discount
All 6 sessions (about 14.5 months) = $4,810 USD – includes 10% discount
Mar 15, 2023
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About Program

Study in-person in Medellin, Colombia, or virtually in any city in Colombia with a Colombian student visa.
OLSA International is certified by the Ministry of Education of Colombia and is the top-rated certified Spanish academy in Medellin, Colombia - according to Google Reviews (check it out)!
Our certified courses qualify for a Colombian student visa, which may be applied for in-country, or out-of-country. We are heavily focused on actually speaking Spanish, not just learning Spanish grammar. We offer courses according to the Common European Framework with levels A1, A2, B1 and B2. In addition to our certified courses, OLSA International offers conversational Spanish classes, conversational English classes, Latin dance classes, nightly language exchanges, on-campus restaurant and excursions! OLSA International is the only Spanish academy with a certified foundation. The OLSA Foundation provides scholarships to the poorer populations in Medellin!

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  • Top-Rated Certified Spanish Academy - According to Google Reviews
  • Licensed to Sponsor Student Visas
  • Heavy Focus on Conversational Spanish
  • Free Nightly Language Events for Faster Cultural Integration
  • Latin Dances, Excursions, Restaurant

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