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Nov 10, 2016
Nov 10, 2016
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We teach not only the English language but also the American and British culture to low-income students: children (3 - 12 year olds), teenagers and adults using state-of-the-art technology.

We have Conversation and Cinema Clubs. In January/February each year, we offer creative "Summer Camps" starting Jan to Feb each year, to children (3 -12 year olds) while teenagers and adults take regular or intensive English lessons.

Our English School which is located only 500 meters from the beach where international surf competitions take place.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Aprendizaje y ambiente familiar!

Un ambiente acogedor, con personas muy calidas y profesionales, pude vivir una experiencia corta pero muy productiva, apoye el area de marketing del campamento de verano y planeacion prospectiva para el crecimiento y suenos de Let's Start.

Considero que let's start cuenta con herramientas actualizadas y versatiles de facil entendimiento y acceso para los alumnos, flexibilidad en la programacion de clases y creacion de grupos de acuerdo a las necesidades de las personas, es una buena oportunidad tanto para los locales como los turistas, contar con espacio cerca al mar, estando en un lugar "San bartolo" que acoge a deportistas, turistas locales y extranjeros. Es una excelente oportunidad para que los ninos aprendan y disfruten su verano.

Esta orientado para que tenga apertura para todas las condiciones economicas generando impacto social muy positivo en las personas humildes del distrito sur chico, dado que esta enfocado en brindar un servicio para todas las personas sin distincion de clase economica.

Mi gratitud y carino con Let's Start.

A warm atmosphere, with very warm and professional people, I could live a short but very productive experience, support the summer camp marketing area and prospective planning for the growth and dreams of Let's Start.

I believe that Let's Start has updated and versatile tools of easy understanding and access for the students, flexibility in the programming of classes and creation of groups according to the needs of the people, is a good opportunity for both locals and tourists, to have space near the sea, being in a place "San Bartolo" that welcomes athletes, local and foreign tourists. It is an excellent opportunity for children to learn and enjoy their summer.

It is oriented to have openness to all economic conditions generating very positive social impact on the humble people of the South District, since it is focused on providing a service for all people without distinction of economic class.

My gratitude and affection with Let's Start.

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Yes, I recommend this program


Soy Colombiano, radicado en el Perú y tuve la gran oportunidad de Estudiar y Trabajar en el área de Marketing en Let's Start.

Let's Start es un Lugar Mágico, ubicado en la mejor playa de Lima Perú, en San Bartolo; en esta playa se hacen campeonatos mundiales de Surf, su infraestructura "cottage sea" hacen de Let's Start un instituto de Inglés único por estar cerca del Mar.

Cada año Diciembre, enero y Febrero se celebra el "Campamento de Verano", donde niños se integran en un despliegue creativo y artístico y potencian su creatividad a través del lenguaje y guiado por dinámicas de docentes altamente capacitados.

EL equipo directivo/administrativo, es dedicado, orientado al Logro, sensible en su compromiso social.

Recomiendo a personas de otras partes del Mundo tener una experiencia e intercambio cultural en este Lugar con Let's Start.

I am Colombian, based in Peru and I had the great opportunity to study and work in the area of ​​Marketing in Let's Start.

Let's Start is a Magical Place, located in the best beach of Lima Peru, in San Bartolo; On this beach are world surf championships, its infrastructure "cottage sea" make Let's Start a unique English institute to be near the Sea.

Every year December, January and February the "Summer Camp" is celebrated, where children are integrated into a creative and artistic display and boost their creativity through language and guided by dynamics of highly trained teachers.

The management / administrative team is dedicated, oriented towards achievement, sensitive in its social commitment.

I recommend people from other parts of the world to have an experience and cultural exchange in this place with Let's Start.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Volunteering at Let's Start

This past summer I got to work as a volunteer at the Let's Start summer program. For a month, I went to San Bartolo twice a week, and I helped the teachers with the English classes. These classes were given to kids as young as 3 years old up to teenagers. I helped mostly with the little ones (between 3 and 7). My work consisted in helping the teachers and coming up with activities for the children to learn. It was a really nice experience because it allowed me to help kids that don't have the same opportunities as I do, and also because it involved using English, an advantage I usually take for granted, but is really important to communicate around the world.
The teachers were really good with the kids: they had so many activities planned and knew how to teach them without them getting bored, or distracting. The house where the classes were held was perfect as it was not too big. That way, we could keep an eye on the kids but still had enough space for them to play.
One of the things that I appreciated the most about this experience is the fact that I not only got to help these kids by teaching them English, but I also got to learn some things myself. I learned about the kids lives and living conditions, and also about what kids like and don't like. During this month, I also learned about myself, and how to work with kids. It helped me to have more patience with them.
Overall it was a really nice experience and something I would love to do again! I think it is an amazing way to spend your summer.

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Yes, I recommend this program

A nice place to work and Learn in summer time

San Bartolo is a small summer district 50km aprox from Lima by the sea. The working experience in Let's Start within a summer time environment its always nice, there are things to do, people to meet, and people to teach. Let's Start is a good place to learn english specially for people living in the surrounding area where there are - kind of - small and walking distance districts that benefit from Let's Start's location in San Bartolo. In summer time Let's Start offers a playful program for children that consisted on teaching english through games and creative activities reinforcing what is learnt in regular school or giving them the chance to learn english for the first time. The rest of the year there are regular english programs for people of all ages selected based on age and level of knowledge. The idea is to give to all the chance to learn such an important language that will allow them to get more and better opportunities to improve their lives at a cheapest rate possible for all to be able to study. San Bartolo is a surfing town that has hosted many international surfing tournaments, it is a cool place to stay, learn and live.

What would you improve about this program?
By having the best people possible, and a better infrastructure and technology.
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