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Semester programs include a base of intensive Russian language, plus the option to take a variety of electives taught in English on culture, history, politics, economics, finance, marketing, and more. Several courses focus on the intersection of these subjects: how the economy affects the arts and the role of cultural movements within society.

Join our summer school for a special collection of innovative, intensive programs in St. Petersburg, Russia. St. Petersburg is uniquely positioned on the western edge of the largest country on Earth. Summer study abroad in St. Petersburg can afford you an opportunity to dive into dozens of incredible museums, see how countries can use culture to diplomatic advantage, see how Russia’s energy policies could affect global development, hone your photo journalism skills in streets filled with grand architecture and colorful people, or boost your Russian skills in a supportive environment.

  • You will find an exceptionally intensive and supportive study environment.
  • SRAS supports focused research and projects, such as for a capstone project or graduate studies.
  • Informal volunteer opportunities are also possible if you want to be more involved with your local community abroad. We can connect you with opportunities to pursue independently at no cost.
  • Summer and Semester terms include a broad cultural program that introduces you to the city and its legendary concentration of culture.
  • You will also meet many local peers and other foreign students. Being cultured and friendly is part of the proud local identity and English is relatively common, making the city easy to navigate no matter what your current level of Russian.

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