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Study abroad at one of the best fashion and design schools in Italy - Accademia Italiana. Accademia Italiana has two campuses, one in Florence and one in Rome. Offering both bachelors and masters programs in Fashion Design, Interior & Product Design, Graphic Design, Jewelry Design and Photography and New Media, Accademia Italiana can accommodate your desired course of study. Round out your academic experience with Italian language, culture and art history classes. Accademia Italiana offers a truly international environment - half of our students are Italian and half from around the world. Our instructors are experts in their fields, and our students interested in design gain valuable skills and exposure to the Italian design industry. Sign up today to begin your study abroad semester or summer with Accademia Italiana.



Yes, I recommend this program

I loved my semester at Accademia Italiana! Getting to know my teachers was my favorite part; and they made it easy to adjust to a different style of learning than I’m used to at my college in America. To study art history in a renaissance city, learn Italian and be able to use it at my favorite coffee shops, and getting to read incredible works of Italian literature were all such special experiences that will always be important to me.

What would you improve about this program?
The teachers should be posting students grades online for them to check throughout the semester; rather than making them wait until the end of the semester to see them.
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Yes, I recommend this program

The best thing about this program is that they understand that you are abroad to do more than study in your room everyday. Our program always gave us Fridays off so that we could spend the entire weekend traveling throughout Europe. They want you to keep on top of your class work but they understand that you also learn a lot from your experiences outside of the classroom.

Advisors do their best to take care of you. A girl on our trip injured her foot and the program took care of everything including the cab ride to the hospital.

The only negative from my experience was the housing. However, I just got kind of unlucky because most of my friends stayed in pretty nice apartments close to the center of the city. Mine just wasn't great.

This is the perfect program if you want to branch out and meet new people but still have smaller class sizes. You hear of other programs with hundreds of students, ours had about 25 and we were all pretty close by the end of the trip. You're almost garunteed to come away with good friends and connections across the States and in other parts of the world.

I had an amazing experience.

On a side note, always travel on weekend trips with a company called Bus2Alps. They are the best and really make sure you have an amazing time.

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No, I don't recommend this program

The summer classes, we're less than stellar. I had had previous classes for Illustration and had hoped t further my artistic mediums and skills but it's hard to do that when you are copying a figure form a book cause that's all the teacher had us do. Least not till the last day…and even that was a very painful and long day of being told what to draw. Other student were typically 10-30 minutes late, if they showed up at all. Traveling was the only fun part of being over there and that was a weekend activity. At least we had three day weekends….
The school gave us some travel options through FlorenceForFun but I went on trip to Venice and it was horribly disorganized and the older tour guide was a bit rude to Americans so later me and my friends set up a few weekends with BusToAlps and got a better deal, tour guides our age, and much better planning.
The apartment was not air-conditioned which took a long time to get used to. I started sleeping with a frozen water bottle at night cause it was the only way to peacefully sleep.
I won't say this was a bad trip, just i was influence by many negative factors coming into the country that led to my overall negative mood. I was without luggage for a week and we had no fans on the most hottest week of unusual weather they'd seen. And i admit i was terribly homesick and fed up by the end of that week and classes let me down in their content. I appreciated ally he culture and history Florence had to offer, it was just harder for me to appreciate it after my expectations of school let me down. It's definitely a different experience and something I think everyone should feel, be that on vacation or study abroad.
Just make sure you know what content is in the classes before you decide on anything. I'm sue they're more strict during the school year but it was far too lax and far to uncaring for me to enjoy school there.

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Yes, I recommend this program

The opportunity to study abroad is a huge and great opportunity to learn what other schools around the world are doing and to help you determine whether your current school is ahead or needs some improving. This opportunity has giving the change to test my Design skills and knowledge and to compare how prepare I am to face the professional world. I have been a positive experience so far. I'm really happy that the Accademia is an international school, so I get to interact with many student from all over the world not just Italians. Two things that have been a little disappointing is the fact that even thought the classes are supposed to be taught in English not all the professors know English or like to speak in English so it makes it a little difficult to understand everything. Also the schedule organization is not great, but everyone has been really helpful to make sure I don't miss anything.


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Staff Interviews

These are in-depth Q&A sessions with program leaders.

Tamara Mihalap

Job Title
University Relations Development
Tamara Mihalap is the US University Representative for Accademia Italiana. She is responsible for the development of relationships with US universities while working closely with AI's schools in Florence and Rome in their international exchange and study abroad programs.

What position do you hold at Accademia Italiana? What has been your career path so far?

As Accademia Italiana's US University Representative, I develop and maintain relationships with our US partners to strengthen the study abroad component of our academic program. While I've always worked in international education this is my first job in study abroad.

Previously I taught English overseas (in Portugal, Italy, the UK and Thailand), coordinated short-term programs for international students in the US, worked on international development projects related to education and training (in Ecuador, Washington DC and El Salvador) and conducted cross-cultural training programs (in Vietnam).

What country have you always wanted to visit?

Brazil. I've always been attracted by its cultural and geographical diversity, its music, its natural beauty and the warmth of its people. I would love to visit the Northeast of the country, Bahia, during Carnival time.

Why is language learning and cultural immersion important to you?

Speaking another language and understanding another culture by immersion are not only important to me but I think vital for the next generations, both for personal success (globalization of the work place) and for building international understanding and empathy with which to ease international conflicts.

My interest in all things global started early. I grew up in a culturally mixed household - my mother is Greek-American and my father from Belarus.

What was your favorite traveling experience?

I lived in Vietnam with my family from 2006 to 2011. My favorite vacation during that time was a trip to Laos when my children were two and five years old. I wouldn't have expected it, but it was a great place to take kids: very peaceful, relaxed and beautiful. We visited craft villages where they make paper, wood-carvings and textiles, and stayed in an eco-lodge along the river that was near an indigenous minority community.

It was great to see my kids play together with the local children, despite the language and cultural differences. We panned for gold on the river banks (but didn't find any) and ate delicious grilled fish under star-filled skies.

What unique qualities does your company possess?

Unlike many study abroad destinations, Accademia Italiana is a private Italian university recognized by the Ministry of Education, with a very international student body. Our study abroad students learn alongside Italians and students from around the world, so have the chance for real cultural immersion.

As an accredited design university, we offer study abroad students interested in design the chance to improve their skills with experts in the field and to take advantage of our links to the design industry. Design students will not only have a wonderful study abroad experience at Accademia Italiana but will return with valuable knowledge and abilities that will serve them well in future careers.