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For four decades, AEON Corporation has been an innovator in the field of English education, offering exceptional classroom and internet opportunities to study and master the language. Founded in 1973, AEON has grown to become one of the largest and most respected private educational institutes of its kind, with more than 3,000 employees. Current student enrollment exceeds 80,000 in more than 250 branch schools located within every prefecture of Japan. AEON employs a teaching staff of over 500 teachers and education specialists from English-speaking nations.

The AEON Corporation of Japan offers language instruction in a variety of group and private classes to Japanese students of all ages from babies to adults and even retirees!

If you are interested in teaching a combination of children and adults, or primarily adults, you should apply to be an AEON teacher!


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Yes, I recommend this program

Teach with AEON, worth the experience!

I taught with AEON from March 2004 until July 2006.
I was located at the Nara branch in the Kansai region of Japan.

My whole experience with AEON was good starting with my application, my interview in Brisbane, Australia, and the paperwork that had to be mailed back and forth for my VISA. This process was quick and efficient with no question left unanswered.

Even before you get to your branch school, which you will be with for the extent of your contract; you are set up with a week of training which takes place at the main training facility closest to your branch school. Mine was in Osaka.

During this training you learn about AEON as a company. You also go over the curriculum that AEON uses, the text books and materials that go along with your job as a teacher at AEON and how the lesson plans should be put together for cohesion throughout all AEON schools. While at my school I was given plenty of time to put together my lesson plans for the week, it was really good to know that you would have the time to put together something great for your students.

AEON as a company provides great information on their website about what you should expect as a teacher at their company. They do provide a nice welcome package, furnished accomodations and make sure you have what you need. My manager even helped me get my bank account set up and aquire a cellphone, even though that wasn't something that she was required to do by the company.

The place that I was living was nice and quiet and Nara has some beautiful Unesco hetitage sites. Not to mention it was only a 50 minute train ride from Osaka. Even though, you aren't aloud to choose your destination school with AEON; I think that working for them has some great advantages that you may never get working for other companies or in other countries. Some of those include a plane ticket to and from your home country or equivelant funds if not travelling back directly to your home country. A month of bonus pay upon completed contract, pick up at the airport, and a small food welcome package in your apartment when you arrive.

These few things set AEON apart from other companies and it shows that they really care. As with all companies people can come away with bad expereiences, I was just lucky to have a good one with AEON.


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