African Rural Volunteers


ARV (African Rural Volunteers) is an independent non-governmental/non-profit organization with the registration number G-38,322 who specializes in

Rural developmental projects and
volunteer placements
ARV is designed to allow volunteers to make a meaningful and lasting contribution to the condition of deprived communities. The group is developed to assist rural and urban dwellers in aspects such as: education, health and Humanitarian aid.

We work for people of all ages, gender and all ethnic groups in Africa especially at the rural level and we run our objectives with the kind contribution from its members, concerned philanthropists, individual Volunteers, international aid organizations, among others.

ARV, in achievement of our project, we are committed to:

The provision of quality voluntary services.
Ensuring the welfare and motivation of our volunteers.
Recruiting and retaining the best human resources in carrying out our efficient and effective voluntary work.



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