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AIESEC, the largest student-run organization, has been running programs in more than 100 countries for 60 years. AIESEC programs allow students to make a positive impact on the world around them while gaining valuable work experience. These youth leadership development programs help students become better global citizens. There are a wide range of internships types available all over the world!

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24 years old
Sri Lanka

My Story to Penang Malaysia


This is My Review about Penang Internship. First I am gonna thanks for the AIESEC. I became AIESECer before I went on this Internship then I realize to apply for this project Few month back, because I was in the starting edge of my summer break. I have to Say truly, no one help me to do the paper work when it Needed ( visa and all preparations ). My parents were always busy with their wok . I had to go and figure out all by myself ( I was busy with my final during that time but I manage to do it somehow). I made my plans to Apply the Exchange before it break the Match. When I reach to the Penang Airport I had to wait for few hours but that is Ok, I was so hungry back then I had only dollars with me. I decided to eat something by giving dollar’s and that idea ended up with losing some money. Then one of my EP buddies came to pick me up from the Airport. He Teach me to survive with the New Environment. I was so tired after a 6 hours flight. I had to go the Their University which is My LC ( USM in Penang ), I feel like to rest somewhere then TN said some points about the project and I had to note it down which is nice. Then we went to the NGO. And I had most awkward moment because there was no one to talk but I manage to stay chill. I am the only one EP for that project. That was a really fight in the beginning but I manage to overcome my fears when time goes on.

So i Planned my First Week by checking my work load and my free time available. For Every Free time that i have, i made to go some where, meet people, Explore. Luckly i Completed my 6 week work with in 3-4 weeks. So i Had time to Explore Around and do any Stupid thing. Ha haa...

I think. i am the only one who had this much of experience for the first time in Sri Lanka. Because No one had a chance to visit other universities other than your university that you are staying. I went on mid night solo rides, i did everything. Most of them are so dangerous. well um not writing them in here. if you need to know them contact me. ha ha.

My Advice for every single traveler is, make sure your belongings are always with you. Always bring your passport wit you. Have some amount of money and also separate your money to shares and hide them in several places that you remember. Make a Travel Plan. Try to learn local language. Hangout with local community. Try to Explore outside from the Community. Get a good camera. Shoot everything because you gonna miss everything after some few weeks. Enjoy every single second.

How can this program be improved?

Need more man power to Develop the Quality Software products with in Short time period. Need at least 5 Developers who has basic Programming Skills.

29 years old

WORST experience ever. DO NOT work with them


AIESEC is one of the WORST organizations I have been trying to work with, in the last few months. When I first contacted them, they answered me quickly and I had a skype interview with them. The girl told me that I could start my internship within the next 3 months. To keep with my application, I had to pay 30 euro, which would be fine if I got an answer. After I paid, there was silence. They said that what I asked for wouldn't be possible, and after that, they never contacted me again. I am still waiting for their promised answer , after 4 months.

I wouldn't recomend AIESEC at all, they will just keep your money. It is better to save it and spend it on other serious organizations.

23 years old
San Luis Obispo
California Polytechnic State University- San Luis Obispo

The Best Summer of My Life!!!


I spent roughly seven weeks in the beautiful but small country of Montenegro. I was working on a project called Enter Your Future where we taught some skills to help inspire their youth to achieve more in their careers. Personally, I taught graphic design and my students were very enthusiastic and willing to learn from someone who doesn't have the credentials which was amazing to me. Everyone was very welcoming and took care of me very well. I stayed in a dorm with the other 9 interns on the project with me and we became family instantaneously. We still skype and keep in touch!
The Montenegrins who were in AIESEC took wonderful care of us. They picked us up from the airport with a big welcome sign, were always on call in case we needed anything, and showed us the best parts of their culture and country. When we weren't working they took us out on excursions such as going to the seaside, river rafting, and hiking up gorgeous mountains. Not a lot of people know about this small country but it's definitely worth the visit because it's absolutely gorgeous! They are also all very hospitable people. I was treated with the utmost respect and kindness. When my friends and I were lost, they were there to help you out even if you didn't know them. I love AIESEC and how it's connected me with friends all over the world and I would relive that summer a hundred times over!

How can this program be improved?

I lucked out in that my particular chapter I was working with made sure we were well taken care of. I've heard of other chapters in other countries where their interns weren't really taken care of or they cancel their project a few weeks before or as the intern arrives.
This isn't necessarily a program concern but a local chapter concern for some particular areas.

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