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The Huffington Post ranks Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina) as one of the top 10 world’s most beautiful cities to visit in 2016/17. The New York Times describes Sarajevo as a beautiful, cosmopolitan, worldly city that will first enchant you with its physical beauty, but it is the people who will make you fall in love with it. American University in Bosnia and Herzegovina offers you an opportunity to visit Sarajevo and make the best of your stay, both academically and culturally. Rich history, cultural heritage and diversity, beautiful landscapes, unique cuisine, and amusing nightlife make Sarajevo one of the top destinations to visit in the summer.


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Staff Interviews

These are in-depth Q&A sessions with program leaders.

What position do you hold at AUBIH? What has been your career path so far?

Director of Study Abroad and International Programs. So far my career path has included an internship in Human Rights with the Department of State, English teacher, and Cultural exchange Director for two International Organizations. I've also held many volunteer positions throughout the past 10 years.

Did YOU study abroad?

Yes in Bosnia and Herzegovina where I am currently living and working. I Was inspired based on the want to have a more in depth experience than one can receive from mere tourism.

What does the future hold for AUBIH - any exciting new programs to share?

We have just launched our Peace and Conflict Studies and Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian language studies programs for international students.

What about the future of the industry? How do you think study abroad and international education will change over the next 10 years?

I believe study abroad is becoming increasingly more popular but see a problem that I hope will change: the problem of strict credit and course matching demanded by some universities in order for students to receive credit. Because study abroad is becoming so popular I see universities offering a number of courses to be open for study abroad in their own category such as many already do with electives.

Bosnia/Herzegovina are unique countries to study in. What makes it such a fascinating location that students simply can't pass up the opportunity to visit?

Bosnia is famous for its traditional religious and cultural diversity, with adherents of Islam, Eastern Orthodoxy, Catholicism and Judaism coexisting here for centuries. This diversity has lead to a great deal conflict as well as admirable coexistence and makes Bosnia one of the best and safest places in the world to study Peace, Conflict Resolution, Comparative Religion, Sociology, Psychology, Security studies, International Relations, Public Policy and more. What is also incredible about studying in Bosnia and with our institution in particular is that we are closely tied in with many of the Country's lead Politicians, Policy Makers, International and local organizational Leaders, and the Diplomatic community and because of the open nature of the country these leaders are happy and eager to spend time talking with students. There is no were else in the world were students can get such deep perspective of coexistence and such great access to local and international representatives.