AmeriSpan sent its first student abroad in 1993, and since then has evolved to offer a variety of study abroad, volunteer abroad programs. Opportunities are available in the Americas, Europe, Asia, the Middle East.

In addition to offering programs during the school year and summer, AmeriSpan also offers summer camps, immersion programs for teenagers, and the opportunity to take additional classes, such as dance, cooking and culture. Visit the AmeriSpan website to learn more about what's up and coming!



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No, I don't recommend this program

A Scam?

Unfortunately, I can only say that I would not do business with this company ever again. We were forced to cancel 3 months oin advance of our start date and they have not refunded our money per their policy. Amerispan appears to be either a scam or they are in trouble. Do not deal with them!

Response from AmeriSpan

Dear Randy and Lorraine,

According to our data your refund should have been already recieved. Please contact us if you have not recieved it yet.
We would also like to ask you please to acknowledge the receipt of this refund in this website.

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Yes, I recommend this program

I had a BLAST in La Ceiba

When I arrived to my homestay I was welcomed very warmly by the family who promptly took me to meet the Language School Program Director. Because I arrived on a holiday weekend, there was no class on Monday, but the Program Director offered to walk with me to the school to show me where it was and to join the group of students to watch the parade. I felt immediately safe and secure there. The one-on-one classes were intense, but very instructive, and after two weeks, I was speaking Spanish with confidence and a level of fluency that I hadn't achieved in 4 years of school in the U.S.
The night life was great, clubs and bars within walking distance. The neighborhood of the homestay was quiet and welcoming, and within walking distance to the school. Taxi service was cheap and easy, and the beach was a walk away - a group of students went to do homework in chaise lounges on the beach nearly every day. It was amazing. And I'd recommend it to anyone interested in learning Spanish. Honduras is a great place to do it because there aren't as many tourists to relapse into speaking English with - you really get a chance to practice Spanish every day. The locals are friendly and excited to help you learn Spanish. From this program I made many many long lasting friends both Honduran and Language school students from Europe and North America.


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Alumni Interviews

These are in-depth Q&A sessions with verified alumni.

Why did you decide to study abroad with AmeriSpan in La Ceiba, Honduras?

I've been traveling since I was a kid, and wanted to go on an adventure. Because I was thinking of traveling alone for the first time, I began looking into study abroad programs. I thought it made sense to improve my Spanish before exploring Latin America solo. I found the Amerispan website, and their prices were very reasonable and the staff seemed competent. I chose La Ceiba, Honduras first because I'd never been there, and second because it was on the beach.

What made your study abroad experience unique and special?

This experience was different from prior trips because previously I had only been to tourist destinations. La Ceiba is a relatively large city on the coast of Honduras. I didn't encounter many English speakers outside of the language school which forced me to practice the Spanish I learned on a daily basis.

How has this experience impacted your future?

The experience made me realize that I want to continue traveling and improving my Spanish language skills throughout my life. The year after I completed the program in La Ceiba, I moved to Central America and spent 3 years working there first, taking pictures for a Surf school in Costa Rica, then working as the Development Associate for a non-profit school in Nicaragua. Without the Spanish I gained through the AmeriSpan program, I would not have been able to live and work in these Spanish speaking countries.