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We are a non-profit organization of Peru, Alternative and non-comercial.y its objectives are to promote the self-development of populations and groups at risk and extreme poverty in villages in the Andes of Peru.

Our form of organization and participation is Horizontal, open, transparent administration

Our organization is based on volunteering as a means of cooperation, and support for various projects, we work with local volunteers and international volunteers regularly convened

Our projects involve the Auto community development: ecological kitchens, women's groups forming self help, self esteem and associative organization populations, micro-enterprise, and export handicrafts, preventive health and nutrition, permaculture and urban agriculture.

Child, support and educational support material and emotional support to children of migrant families.



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Yes, I recommend this program

Sharing Dreams is a pure and honest organisation. I helped with a children project, in a small village, which is a new project. The children are very eager to learn English so that is what I did during my stay, try to teach them some English. I was free to organize whatever I thought was good to do. We did a lot of game-based learning, which was really joy-full for both, the kids and myself. It is nice to see with your own eyes how happy the community is with help from Sharing Dreams. The coordinators are truly involved and do everything in their power to make a difference for the ones who need this the most

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Yes, I recommend this program

I had a great time working with the sharing hope programm. You get to really know the peruvian live when you are there since Huancayo is not touristic which is really nice. The work with the kids was amazing. They are really nice and are also very patient with you if you don't understand. Working with the projekt also helped me to improve my Spanish since most people only speak spanish but everyone is welcoming you really warm and you soon feel part of the comuity. I really enjoyed my time at the project.

Yes, I recommend this program

I volunteered with the Sharing Dreams Project in August 2017. It was a great experience - I got to learn much about Peruvian culture, particularly in the central Andes where the project is located, explore local attractions and historical and cultural sites, and was exposed to the delicious cuisine of Peru. The coordinators are very supportive and prioritize cultural exchange in addition to ge volunteer work. Working with the children and helping to teach English was very rewarding, and the reception of the children, who are eager to learn and play, was heartwarming. I'm very glad I got the opportunity to volunteer for this organization!

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Yes, I recommend this program

in the summer of 2015, I participated as a volunteer in this organization, this was a very comforting experience, I and other volunteers from Peru and other countries have helped the teaching of many indigenous children in a town in the central Peruvian Andes, we have helped With homework, teaching English, tutoring children who are having problems abandoning their parents, we also help in improving the homes of the poorest people, painting the walls, making organic gardens and constructing cages for animals And ecological kitchens.

It is a small but very genuine project from the point of view of help and social work, I have really enjoyed the many group excursions that the organization does on weekends, hiking in the countryside and mountains, visiting artisan villages, jungle and other nice places.
In short, I have received a lot of affection from the children and the people of the village, especially from the women and the mothers of the children, the coordinators are very attentive and do everything possible so that the volunteers are comfortable, always supporting us In all activities.
This is my testimony.
Gracias :)

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Yes, I recommend this program

I had a very good time with Frank, his family and most important with the children. The volunteering work takes place in Cerro Hermosa, a poor quarter at the boarder of huancayo city.

I had the opportunity to participate in the Children Project, teaching them some important skills like:
- English
- Hygiene
- Ecology
- Worth and values

Also I worked on the community project, building an improved Kitchen for one of the families.

Frank is very very involved with the project, giving everything he can and has to help those children have a funny time while learning interesting and important
things for their lives.

The house where volunteers stay is big and confortable, has good wifi connection and I would say evertything one needs if no luxury is expected (which I dind't, of course). The area is a little bit apart from the volunteering area, but it's quiet and very safe. Frank's mother helps on cooking and general maintenance of the house. Food is very simple, but enough so that you won't get or stay hungry during your time there.

Apart from the volunteer work, we had time to travel around (weekends) and to visit some interesting sight in and around Huancayo. Just ask Frank or his brother Jose, they will tell you what to do, what to see, give you best tips and even come around with you to show you them.

Often in the evening we spent our time chatting and "practicing cultural exchange". We volunteers learnt a lot about life in Peru and in the Andes.

Just come ad experience it by yourself! You won't regret!


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