Why choose Babilonia?

Study Italian in Taormina, sunny Sicily, and enjoy the Italian culture and lifestyle! Just a few meters from the ancient Greek Theater the language center Babilonia offers various different Italian courses along with many exciting free time activities.
Students can also combine their Italian classes with cooking, art, history, hiking or history lessons and attend special programs for over 50s or business courses.



Yes, I recommend this program

My experience with Babilonia

I was lucky enough to spend three and a half months studying at Babilonia as a university student studying abroad. While I have Italian ancestry and family, I never learned the language. Hence, I chose Babilonia because I thought it would give me the best chance to speak Italian. I was not disappointed!

When I arrived in Sicily, I knew only a few Italian words (fettucine, pizza, grazie, etc.). Thanks to Babilonia, I can now have meaningful conversations with my Italian friends and family! Babilonia is a school completely based on immersion; the instructors and staff insist on speaking to you in Italian. This was intimidating at first, but it cultivated a learning environment where communication is valued and you are not judged if you make mistakes with the language. The students continue this environment, who also (while they might fluently speak another common language) always strive to speak Italian together during the many school-organized activities. This is unique among study abroad programs in Italy.

Besides the kind and helpful staff and instructors, my host family was amazing. Donatella, Pippo, and Gabri had an amazing amount of patience with me as I learned the language, and always encouraged me to speak—or try to speak. I felt like I was a part of a real family, which made the adjustment seamless and energizing. Oh and the food was amazing as well .

Thanks to Babilonia, I had some of the greatest experiences of my life and learned A LOT of Italian. The connections I made with my host family and new Italian friends will last a lifetime…sono contentissimo di aver scelto Babilonia! Grazie mille!

Yes, I recommend this program

BABILONIA is a DREAM school in a DREAM location!

BABILONIA is truly a dream. From the staff and management who are absolute angels to the wonderful, simply amazing teachers, all in a fabulous place like Taormina ... what more could you ask for? I had the great fortune to spend two weeks here for teacher training course (through AATI) and it was the best professional development I have ever had in my career as a teacher. I also made the wise decision to stay with a host family. This was one of the things that made Taormina and Babilonia unforgettable. “Mamma Angela” provided me with everything I needed and more. During my stay, she hosted other Babilonia students from Japan, Russia, Spain, Turkey, and the United States and she treated us all as family, with home cooked Sicilian food and wonderful conversations, always in Italian, of course! ❤ If you have a chance to come here, do it – everything about this place is NUMERO UNO!

What would you improve about this program?
I cannot think of a single thing to improve this program ... Let me stay forever ??!


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