Birthright Armenia

Why choose Birthright Armenia?

The mission of Birthright Armenia is to strengthen ties between the homeland and Diasporan youth by affording them an opportunity to be a part of Armenia’s daily life and to contribute to Armenia’s development through professional internships and volunteer experience, while developing life-long personal ties and a renewed sense of Armenian identity.

Birthright Armenia's year-round program provides its participants, young Armenian Diasporans, 20-32 years old, with professional internships, travel fellowships, host family living arrangements, unique excursions, language classes, forums and networking opportunities.

Birthright Armenia has partnered with dozens of existing internship organizations and study abroad programs to give young diasporans a unique and personal immersion experience in Armenia. Through its complementary services and financial incentives, Birthright Armenia offers each and every participant the means and opportunity to experience Armenia like never before.


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