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The Canadian Language school is located in Slovakia and focuses on teaching both English and French. The school focuses on small class sizes and a very professional and detailed curriculum. They have a number of different English and French class options and have course offerings throughout the year. The Canadian Language School philosophy is based on a new trend in learning, which focuses on learning from native speakers who have studied English/French as their first language.


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Yes, I recommend this program

I taught at the Canadian Language School some years ago and had a completely positive experience. The school's leadership was most helpful. They were knowledgeable about how to process the legal residency paperwork required by the "foreign police." Students are varied in ages, but all with a real desire to learn.

Slovakia's location makes it a nice place from which to travel to the rest of Europe when you have vacation/holiday time.

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Yes, I recommend this program

As an Australian, I worked as an English teacher at the Canadian Language Shool in Trnava and completely enjoyed the experience. The school has a great system of grammar books which are unique to the Canadian Language School chain and make teaching a breeze. Of course lessons are only as good as the teacher makes them, so having the skills and desire to teach is important but the easy pace of the lessons and the warm response from most students makes it a very enjoyble time. Slovakia is a wonderful little country in the heart of Europe with wonderful people and I recommend the Canadian Language School and the country to anyone wanting an unforgettable experience that is away from the regular tourist traps of Western Europe.


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Alumni Interviews

These are in-depth Q&A sessions with verified alumni.

Julie Griffin

Julie Griffin is from Sierra Vista, Arizona. She was a former teacher in Slovakia with Canadian Language School and a teacher in a public high school before and after her time in Slovakia. She loves Slovak bread, European chocolate, watching her children play sports and reading.

Day in the Life of Julie Griffin - Teacher in Slovakia

Highlights: The highlight of my time in Slovakia was a lovely trip to the Orava region of the country. It is beautiful and idyllic. The value for the stay was excellent and it felt quite different than the western part of the country.

I also had many wonderful trips to Vienna, Austria. It is fairly close and the shopping there is much closer to the experience an American would expect.

Morning: A typical morning teaching at the Canadian Language School was teaching a small class of approximately five students. The ones I recall the most clearly were business people who need to learn English to further the goals of their business. The focus was on both grammar and conversation.

Afternoon & Evening: In the afternoons I had high school or college students. Their parents were investing in their futures by ensuring that they spoke better English than their peers. Speaking English well can make a big difference in job opportunities for young people in Slovakia. I did not teach in the evenings.