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Established in 1980, CESA Languages organizes language abroad programs for gap year students, those taking a career break, and study abroad students coming from different backgrounds and language abilities. CESA Languages works with language schools to provide the best gap year and study abroad language programs available. If you're taking a gap year abroad, immerse yourself in a different culture and language by taking a long-term course with CESA Languages. Visit the CESA website to learn more about joining a gap year language program abroad.



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Yes, I recommend this program

2 Week Summer Course Berlin

Berlin is an amazing city, one of my favourites and I would definitely go again and use CESA. The staff were always very helpful and punctual with replies to emails. It was so reassuring always having someone at the other end of the phone, whether it was before the course began or actually during my time in Berlin.
The arrival was an easy process and the transfer from the airport made it stress free. When we got to the school we found our rooms and left our things there, after that we went back to the reception of the school and everyone takes a small, informal test to make sure you will be in the correct class for your level of German knowledge.
After the administration is done, you begin meeting new people and making new friends straight away. There are people from all over the world. I did the language course with a friend from home, we were in different classes which meant we met basically double the amount of people, which was great!
We became particularly good friends with a Russian and a Greek boy, and two Danish girls, all of whom we are still in touch with today, almost 2 years later.
The area around the school is perfect, there are many great cafes and restaurants as well as plenty of bars and clubs. Alexanderplatz is only about a 10 minute tram ride from the school, it's a very famous and beautiful area of Berlin with many great shops, clubs and a great Beirgarten.
The lessons were great, very relaxed and always interesting, you have two teachers a day, which definitely keeps things fresh.
New students arrive every Monday so during our stay, even though it was only 2 weeks, we met many wonderful people.
Although I was only 17 at the time there was plenty to do and everyone was very welcoming and friendly, now I'm a little older I would definitely go back.

What would you improve about this program?
I have very little complaints, only that I wish I would have gone for longer, and perhaps also arranged to do more lessons, maybe private lessons to really get the most out of my time in Berlin.


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