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College for International Co-Operation and Development


College for International Co-operation and Development (CICD) offers programmes of 5, 12 or 21 months, with international studies, training and preparation for volunteers for development projects in Africa and India. The training takes place in England and no previous experiences are required, you only need to be 18+, own an EU passport, have a great team spirit, and strong motivation!

At CICD in England we - staff and students – place ourselves shoulder to shoulder with The Poor to make changes for the better. We find that to maintain our integrity and humanity and enjoy life to the full we need to face reality and work for a better future for all.


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Being in CICD was the best choice I have ever made in my life!
I got to know people from all around the World, made friends for life and had an amazing experience in Africa that I wont ever forget.
My dreams were big and CICD helped me make them a reality and I am forever grateful!
The experience I hadtraveling overland through 7 countries in 2.5 months... WOOOW! South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Malawi and Zambia! The best months ever and the ones which taught me more than I can explain! I changed so much and learned much more than I thought possible!
CICD was really the best thing I could have chosen! Doing Development work for 6 months was very rewarding and changed my way of seeing what is(or should be) priorities in life!

Yes, I recommend this program

I complete this programme and what i can say it's just WOW. Short but not too short and long enough to make a big impact in the people life. With 5 months of studies where you get ready for the big adventure, learning a lot of practical skills, getting information about your future project and trying to see how you can do an amazing work there. 6 months in Africa or India, are long enough to make the impact what you want, you have time to rock the world of the locals. Working close with you project leader and communities you will transform the place where you are based.
After when you are back, you have 1 month to show to the public what you did, traveling in Europe and sharing your experience, it's amazing. Take your Gap Year, you deserve it!

Yes, I recommend this program

The Climate Change programme I think it's necessary for everyone who needs a break from their normal jobs in our "pink" society. 5 months in total and 3 months in India, working with the communities, schools to fight against the climate change. I saw great teams doing great improvement with Urban Garden in New Delhi. Transforming spaces where was just rubbish in a garden, especially in the schools. The kids they need to learn from now how you can grow your own food and be responsible for our future. Making 75 Urban Garden that's a good target and I look forward joining them...Keep up the good work!

Yes, I recommend this program

21 months programme offers you an amazing 2 months travel overland before going to the project, I was impressed visiting more than 7 countries and making investigations about how people are living in the Southern Africa. After the 6 months based on the project can make a difference for the people more unlucky than us.
And only 350 Pounds, for enrollment fee... that's a bargain! Everyone can do it, the studies practical and theoretical are very useful for the volunteers, and are more than ready to make an impact in Africa!
Keep up!

Yes, I recommend this program


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