Colombia Para El Futuro - Volunteer Program in Colombia


Colombia Para El Futuro is striving to improve the quality of life of families and communities through sustainable projects: environmental awareness, eco-construction, community education, and the exchange of knowledge and experience.

Our volunteer program is currently working on the island of Tierra Bomba, that is a largely ignored community, experiencing ongoing issues with rubbish collection, a general lack of sewerage, and no permanent drinking water supply - their water arrives by boat every few days and is piped into silos for daily/weekly collection by families.

We are focused on community projects and programs, currently creating a safe clean play area for the youngest ages at the local school using primarily recycled materials (tyre walls, plastic bottle shades), and will be repainting 3 school blocks, murals with community and environmental themes and working with the school on their upcoming community program to clean up 18 zones within the surrounding area.



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