Eastwest European Institute

Eastwest European Institute

Why choose Eastwest European Institute?

Eastwest European Institute is a European Think Tank based in Rome founded by a former diplomat and a former Board member and Executive Vice President for Institutional Affairs of UniCredit Bank, Giuseppe Scognamiglio. The Institute is divided in three branches: training, consulting for business development, and publishing. Our training programs focus on international affairs, global dynamics in business, European Union functioning, diplomatic negotiations. Our scientific committee is composed of leaders of the international political, economic and cultural world such as Romano Prodi, Joschka Fischer, Javier Solana, Eric Xun Li, etc.
We organize intensive programs on the EU functioning and study tours in Italy, Belgium (Brussels), Qatar, Turkey, Tunis, Cuba, Argentina, ect. where students meet diplomats, politicians, visit the institutions and companies, simulate diplomatic negotiations or company board meetings.



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