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Message from Go Overseas: EPA closed their operations in 2022

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EPA has been arranging internships in Europe since 1975. That makes us one of the pioneers!

Since 1975, EPA has build excellent relationships with European companies that employ US interns. As a result, EPA is able to offer a wide variety of internships at corporations, non-profits, and much more! If you're a college student, or taking a gap year, EPA offers many internships in Europe to fit your needs. Visit the EPA website for more details!


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Yes, I recommend this program

Best Experience of My College Career

Once I heard that I would be the only student studying abroad with EPA in Bonn, Germany, I was very nervous. When I think about those initial feelings of fear, I realize I never could have imagined the amount of growth I would experience in my 3 months in Bonn. The first week was an orientation and mini German brush up course. The first week was extremely memorable because of my experiences with Hartwig, the program director. He taught me some differences in culture between the U.S. and Germany that proved to be extremely valuable. My classes were some of the most valuable in my college career. I had one on one classes with my professors that were not only thorough but fun as well. I went on excursions to neighboring Belgium and The Netherlands, as well as a two week long trip in Berlin. My internship was with the German Ministry of Health in which I worked with two different departments. I learned practical work experience in the realm of Public Health Policy, and this helped me decide my future career goals. I did a home-stay, and developed a life changing relationship with my host mother. I grew up, grew independent and expanded my love for German and Germany.

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EPA Berlin: Bundestag Internship

I absolutely adored my three months in Berlin. This was my second internship with EPA (Madrid 2015) and, I can easily say, a much better experience. I must admit that I am biased to love Germany, though, because my mother is German and raised me bilingually, so there were essentially no language barriers for me.
Hartwig, the program director, is an absolute darling. He really cares about making the experience valuable and enjoyable. For instance, during orientation in Bonn, he arranged to have me join American students there for a few Carnival activities and movie nights so that I wouldn't feel lonely as the only person in my program. The orientation period is not strictly educational but also a lot of fun. Hartwig was also very helpful in getting me situated in my apartment and checked in with me almost every day of my first week in Berlin. I always knew that I could turn to him with any questions or concerns.
I was extremely nervous before starting the program because I knew that I would be living alone and receiving one-on-one lessons. However, being the only student to Mr. Guido Mathes proved to be to my advantage, as it allowed us lots of flexibility in scheduling our weekly meetings. He was very gracious in accommodating my internship and social schedule. I also had no difficulty making friends, thanks to Facebook group for Bundestag interns, which organized weekly dinners (Stammtisch). Stammtisch made it easy to make contacts and form WhatsApp groups with other interns to coordinate weekend excursions, so I could really experience the social scene in the city.

What would you improve about this program?
Although I greatly enjoyed the orientation period in Bonn, I would have liked to have had a week or so to get situated in Berlin prior to starting my internship.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Teaching Internship in Bonn - Summer 2002

Teaching in Bonn, Germany during the summer of 2002, was the greatest thing I could have ever done. With the help of Hartwig, the program director in Germany, I was able to find a perfect internship in Bonn, and he found an amazing Apartment for me just outside of the city. The staff at the EPA were more than helpful and caring and helped the transition to be a smooth and easy one. I never would have dreamed to be interning in Germany, let alone teaching there. I am looking to eventually move my family to Germany, when the time is right, because of the experience I had working and living in Germany. I was placed in a school that was very welcoming and they even offered me a starting position there, but I had to turn it down, because I was not yet ready. I would definitely recommend anyone to intern abroad, because it is a life changing opportunity that you would only regret if you didn't do it.

What would you improve about this program?
Perhaps finding a way to make it a paid internship. Other than that, nothing else needs to change.
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Best Summer of my Life!

Personally, I had an excellent time in Brussels! Brussels is a city full of life, culture and fun. Having the opportunity to live and work in Brussels, as a local, was without a doubt, the best summer of my life!

My program administrator was great! She provided answers to all of my questions, recommended cool places in Brussels, and was my mother-away-from-home.

We lived in an upscale area, 1 block away from the most popular square in town.

I ended up meeting a group of locals who became my good friends. We hung out every weekend and we still keep in contact.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Great interning opportunities

The internship component provided by EPA is an incredible opportunity. Once accepted to the program, you are guaranteed a placement in your field on interest. EPA sets up the internships well in advance to help ensure their students get optimal placements. By immersing yourself in an intership, not only do gain valuable work experience but you also learn more about the culture and place you are abroad.


This organization no longer has any active programs. Visit our homepage to continue your search.

Alumni Interviews

These are in-depth Q&A sessions with verified alumni.

Kristina Porzio


What originally inspired you to intern in Germany with EPA?

Studying abroad was always something that I knew I would do. I chose to intern through EPA because I saw an opportunity to have not only a life-changing study abroad experience, but also to walk away from it having accomplished something meaningful. I chose Germany because I wanted to challenge myself to become immersed in a foreign culture and language, and improve my language skills. My intention was to challenge myself as much as possible in a foreign environment, and when I discovered EPA I realized it was the perfect fit.

Describe your day to day activities as an intern in Germany.

I wake up daily at 7:00 am, and eat a typical German breakfast of Brötchen and Kaffee. I leave at around 8, and take a tram to the subway. I then take the train 3 stops and come out daily in front of the Brandenburg Gate. My office is located on this road, Unter den Linden. I am an intern from 9:00-4:00, and I do things such as updating databases for my office and working on the website of the Social Democrats. I attend the meetings that my office goes to, and so I get to sit in on the preparations for Parliament sittings, and I can attend those as well. There are intern meetings on Wednesdays where I can meet other interns, usually ending in an evening out. By the time I get home every night, it's usually dark and cold. Then I get up at 7:00 and do it again. There are many great things to do in Berlin on weekends, and lately I have been travelling when I get the chance.

How has this experience impacted your future?

The most obvious impact I've experienced is that I've chilled out, a lot. I am constantly pushing myself to be successful in everything I do, and I realize now that I was pursuing so many things that I had no time to enjoy life. Berlin has taught me to read, think, communicate and be happy. There were so many great things about my life in Florida, and I spent most of my time in the library or working. I am so happy when I think of my family, friends and life back home, and I know what needs to be changed. Simply, Europe has taught me how to be happy. I know that when I return to America, I will try to break away from the "hamster wheel" life where I keep running but I'm going nowhere. Professionally, my time here has solidified my goal to study international law. For me, this has become the most interesting possible profession and fulfills my desire to lead an unconventional life. These two ideas don't contradict each other, though- I simply realized that the way to be successful isn't by driving myself to unhappiness to reach the ever-elusive "future happiness", but rather by also enjoying the present.

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