El Salvador Spanish Schools


We operate Spanish-language study abroad programs for students and travelers in all parts of El Salvador, with our headquarters in Santa Ana. We offer one on one Spanish language immersion classes in Santa Ana, San Salvador, San Miguel, and in El Sunzal and Puerto La Libertad, and other coastal surfing destinations.

We are a unique program in that we offer students the option of studying in La Libertad, with the Escuela Sihuatehuacan, in the coffee country of Santa Ana, or through the Escuela Cuzcatlan in the capital, San Salvador. You can study at one, two, or all three locations which allows you to really get to know the country. You can study a day, a week, or enroll in our full academic semester or summer programs.

Our instructors are experienced language teachers with degrees from the national universities, and our Director, Nelson Evelio Pacheco Martínez, is bilingual and has fifteen years of teaching experience.


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