English Language and Culture Programme

Why choose English Language and Culture Programme?

The idea for the ELACP project was conceived by a group of Londoners who are involved in education in the United Kingdom. All of them were educated in the British school system, from primary and secondary school to college and university. The English Language and Culture Project (ELACP) evolved from their idea to merge the experience of the English school camp with English Language tuition and cultural exchange between the UK and other countries.

Within Europe, Great Britain has its own unique culture, a mix of traditional old English customs with modern multicultural influences. This is reflected in the varied background and dialects of its population. Diversity is valued in the UK, especially in London, and we hope to share this cultural diversity with students who join the ELACP Programme.

We have a dedicated and enthusiastic team, with qualified native English Language teachers, supported by tutors, classroom assistants and activities leaders.



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