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EnRoute Consulting, LLC was founded on the belief that taking intentional gap time creates more self-directed, skilled and compassionate global citizens who are better prepared to succeed in college, life and work.

As the founder of EnRoute Consulting, Julia Rogers has spent the past 12 years providing gap year students with the logistical support and guidance needed to maximize this transformative moment in life. Julia is professionally accredited by the Gap Year Association.

All EnRoute families receive individualized attention. Julia's process is both empathetic and efficient; a combination that saves families time, money and unnecessary stress. Gap year planning should be fun, and Julia helps students feel excited and confident in their plans.

Every consultation starts with a complimentary introductory conversation. This is an opportunity to brainstorm and ask questions about the possibilities of a gap year. Email hello [at] enroutegapyear.com to set up a call or ask questions!


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Julia Knows Her Stuff!

It's natural for a 17-20-year-old to want to make decisions independently, which can present challenges to a parent who is invested in ensuring the most valuable experience for a gap year. As parents, we know where our children need to mature and grow but we also know they need respect and independence. Julia was such a wonderful bridge between the needs of our daughter from her perspective and from ours. She took the time to get to know all of us and presented options that were within our budget and would meet our daughter's goals. Julia allowed us to take a backseat and let our daughter lead the process, but with the confidence that the outcome would be just right for her.

She just completed two vastly different semester programs with travel and work in between and we are blown away by the change in her confidence as she heads off to college. Everyone who asks her about her experience gets to see her huge smile and she always leads with "This has been the best year of my life!"

  • Julia is organized and keeps students on track with application deadlines, travel prep, etc.
  • She is mindful and supportive of the unique emotional needs of every student
  • It's great to know that if there is travel interruption, illness, or unforseen problems that Julia will be there to assist
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Great experience

As the parent of a student taking a gap semester, I could not have been happier with our experience with Enroute Consulting. Julia was extremely attentive and responsive. She took the time to get to know my child and suggest programs that would engage him and help him grow. My child decided late in the fall semester to take a gap semester in the spring due to COVID restrictions at his college. Under an extremely tight deadline, Julia found a wide variety of amazing programs for the spring and we felt extremely comfortable knowing the programs were well vetted by Enroute.

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Highly Recommend Julia Rogers and EnRoute Consulting!

Julia Rogers of EnRoute Consulting was everything we could have hoped for in a gap year advisor: diligent, creative, attentive, and responsive. She had so much specific knowledge and experience about many great programs we could not have found on our own. She provided a lot of options and was a great listener and advisor. Moreover, we would not have considered VACorps in South Africa (the internship program our son is currently loving), but her knowledge and experience gave us confidence to proceed and everything has been safe and fantastic. We would highly recommend using Julia as a gap year advisor.

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Best year of my life

I'm attending one program currently that Julia connected me too and I love it I learned so much through the program I'm in and I'm learning independence. Julia checks on me and makes sure everything is running smoothly and I love that. I don't feel like I go on this journey alone, I have the best support and I'm about to do a summer program overseas now that Julia connected me too. She really listens to your goals and wants and find the best program for you. I'm forever grateful to Julia thank you so much I would recommend having Julia help you on your gap year journey and she helps us find programs that create memories that last a lifetime. Thank you so much for EVERYTHING Julia.

What was the most nerve-racking moment and how did you overcome it?
Leaving home and the support Julia gave me made me feel less alone and she found a program that could support my needs.
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Full Service GAP Year Consulting

I've always had an interest but decided to explore taking a GAP year in June 2020 more seriously. Julia could get to know me, discern my interest, and help cultivate a shortlist of my GAP year goals to keep it focused and effective. Based on my individual needs (time, money, goals), she curated a list of accredited programs that she would personally recommend. Julia worked with my parents as well to ensure that we were all aligned throughout the process. During any downtime between programs, she provided toolkits with exciting courses and volunteer opportunities to keep me busy.

Her service was beneficial during a pandemic. I had little travel experience, and Julia was able to be a sounding board as we made decisions based on what was going on in the world at the time. We always had several plans to pivot to in case the climate changed.

The first semester I spent on an experiential service-learning program, which traveled across the Pacific Northwest for 70 days with a group of 15 people. Part of the program included getting our Wilderness First Aid Certification and Scuba Certification. I had never camped before but spent most of the trip sleeping in a tent. I learned a lot about myself. I can cook sweet potatoes and tacos over a fire. I can teach football to a group of people who, for some reason, don't know anything about the sport. The partners of the program were incredible. I met a man who survived falling into a volcano and another man who had been the Head Ranger of Yellowstone National park.

In the second semester, I will go to Cape Town, South Africa, for a Commerical Real Estate Internship. I am very excited about the opportunity to work within International Business. During the downtime, I am taking a virtual course that included life skills building and goal setting.

I appreciate what Julia has done for me and look forward to working with her for the rest of my GAP year.

What was the most surprising thing you saw or did?
The fourth night I was on the first program, I went from my tent to the bathroom. The sunlight was fading. I looked to the right and about 8 yards away was an 800 pound Bull Moose.


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Staff Interviews

These are in-depth Q&A sessions with program leaders.

Julia Rogers

Job Title

Did you take a gap year? If so, where and what inspired you to go?

Julia: I have taken a few gap years! I was admitted to Hamilton College as a Jan admit, so I spent my first semester of college in London taking classes. That opportunity really stoked my wanderlust. After graduating, I volunteered in Tanzania for nine months focusing on health education in a rural village.

Most recently, my husband and I took a ten-month trip around the world that took us to thirteen different countries! I was driven to all these experiences by a desire to challenge myself and see the world. Some people shy away from the unfamiliar, but I love the feeling of discovering a new place and meeting new people.

What does the future hold for EnRoute Consulting - any exciting new programs to share?

Julia: EnRoute is always growing and evolving! My main limitation is time – not ideas! I am very excited by the Changemakers Program we offer. This service is perfect for a person who has a field of study in mind but wants some real-world experience. It allows a student to focus on one theme for their gap year and explore it in-depth through custom volunteering and internship placements.

They are also assigned a mentor who is an expert in their field of interest. For example, if a student knew they were interested in marine conservation, they could spend their year volunteering in British Columbia at a whale research center then intern at a conservation organization in Belize. Their mentor – a scientist with a PhD in marine ecology – would guide them through their experiences and discuss the career options in their field.

Another exciting service we offer is adult gap year advising. So many parents come up to me and say, “I want to take a gap year too!” And why shouldn’t they? There are so many amazing enrichment courses and volunteer opportunities that are perfect for someone mid or post career. We want everyone to have adventures!

How does your organization differ from other ones in the industry?

Julia: Well, there are a lot of educational consultants out there, but very few that focus only on gap years. EnRoute specializes in travel, volunteering, interning and enrichment opportunities. The services are customized to the individual student to help them formulate their ideal gap year plan.

EnRoute was originally formed to help people find meaningful volunteer opportunities and that is still at the heart of our company. I vet every single volunteer program we work with to make sure they are benefiting the host community as well as the volunteer. Volunteering has become a bit of an industry but there are still so many worthwhile projects out there doing amazing work. I want to send students to the projects where they will have the most positive impact possible.

What is one thing you would tell any gap year participant?

Julia: Be an ambassador. Almost every gap year student travels at some point during their year – and many out of the country. This is both an amazing opportunity and big responsibility that we don’t always realize. Treat the places you visit and the people you meet with respect. Your actions and interactions speak not only for yourself but also to all Americans (believe it or not!).

Traveling makes you realize the impact America has on the rest of the world – both the good and the bad. If you help a community or have a nice conversation with a stranger, that goes a long way in cultivating a positive image of Americans. Why does this matter? The ripple effect of a positive image is far-reaching: it makes travel safer, improves trade and reminds us all that we are not so different from one another. Leaving locals with a positive impression by being friendly and culturally sensitive is micro-diplomacy in action!

How do you think gap year abroad will change over the next 10 years?

Julia: It is my sincere hope that in ten years taking a gap year will be the norm. Not that every student will take one, but that it will be as normal as going straight to college. The gap year is really gaining momentum so I can definitely see that happening.

I think in coming years we will see new programs offering specific skills learning opportunities for gap year students. For example, an engineering-focused gap year with hands-on training as well as a service-learning component. I would love to see the government run a dedicated gap year program so students can volunteer domestically or internationally while receiving an educational stipend they can use toward college.

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