Fala Brasil School

Why choose Fala Brasil School?

Fala Brasil is a school committed to high-quality Portuguese language learning and the effective integration of newly-arrived foreigners into the local culture.
At Fala Brasil, students learn Brazilian Portuguese in a rapid, natural way. They learn about local customs, daily life, and the nation’s rich culture through dynamic, practical and experiential classes; both inside and outside of the classroom.
With a unique, personalized approach that combines technique, creativity, and innovation; our courses provide learners a genuine immersion into Brazilian life, that matches their needs and objectives.
We believe that a combination of real-life experience, linguistic tools, and an excellent team of professionals, is what it takes to empower our learners, and give them the confidence to make the most of life in their new country.

At Fala Brasil School, you don’t only learn a language. Here, you live a great experience!



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