Free to Roam Adventures

Free to Roam Adventures


Free to Roam Adventures curates custom gap year experiences, thoughtfully designed to match your unique interests and budget. Get expert travel advice and mentoring from a gap year consultant with first-hand experience as a gap year student and gap year program leader. Enjoy personalized recommendations, opportunities for cost savings, and individual support before, during, and after your gap year. Consultation packages and hourly rates available, no obligation initial consultations.


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Free to Roam Adventures

I had a great experience with Susan. She especially did a great job of keeping in contact with me and making sure that I was getting things done for the programs she introduced me to. She also did a great job of finding a wide range of activities to do during my gap year. I appreciate how well she listened to my criteria for the programs I would consider doing. She was also very helpful regarding my resume and just general things I needed to get done before college. I was really happy with the work she did when she went through the packing list for the gap semester camping trip she found for me and made a comprehensive list of best places to find the items and what extra items I might need for the trip.

What was the most nerve-racking moment and how did you overcome it?
Either rock climbing or sliding down ice on a hiking trail in the Grand Canyon.


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