Global Prep Academy

Why choose Global Prep Academy?

Upon building completion, GPA will have a nine classroom primary school serving levels from nursery through US grade 5. GPA will introduce US Common Core with an integrated S.T.E.M. curriculum to Ghana.

We are looking to host 5-8 volunteer teachers (preferably 9-12 month academic year intervals) interested in an independent or school-sponsored Study Abroad/internship experience: Aug. 2017 (2017-2018 academic year).

GPA's objective is to integrate US Common Core standards utilizing a technology-enabled delivery approach, while building much needed 21st century teaching capacity for local Ghanaian education resources to have greater student academic achievement and focused professional development. In addition to community impact via education, volunteers will definitely enjoy Greater Accra by immersing themselves within the vibrant international expat community and exploring the rich history and meeting the diverse/dynamic people of the region.


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