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A Romanian NGO located in Transylvania with 10 years of experience organizing summer camps for children focused on non-formal education. Visionaries who are constantly open to new ideas and ways to make the most of the camp experience for both our campers and volunteers AND WHAT DO WE DO?

Every summer from June to September we welcome 1,800+ campers (ages 7-16). Each season we bring together around 60 volunteers from 35+ countries who are usually motivated students, young teachers, volunteers focused on personal development and travelers with diverse experiences

Happy Faces Camp is dedicated to helping children become their best selves through fun activities and loving camp culture. By volunteering with us your students will gain experience in:
I. Collaborating with a diverse team in a face-paced environment
II. Facilitating activities in their field of study or anything they're interested in
III. Public speaking in large group scenarios
IV. Language practice


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