Home Language International (HLI)

Home Language International (HLI)


Home Language International (HLI) is a family-run business offering full-language-immersion courses. There are courses in 20 languages in over 30 countries worldwide. Thousands of students use our services every year. With HLI, you stay in an experienced teacher's home, have one-to-one language lessons, enjoy 3 meals a day with the family and then continue to use the language during the rest of your stay as you share the daily life of the family. Mealtime conversations, visits, television and social contacts all take place in the language you are studying.

The most common criticism of conventional language schools is that students speak their own language with friends when not in class. This weakness is eliminated with HLI's home tuition method as you are the only student in the class. This gives you the opportunity to speak the language before, during and after your lessons for a true full-immersion experience.



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