Idyllwild Arts

Idyllwild Arts Academy Gap Year

Why choose Idyllwild Arts Academy Gap Year?

Gap Year students choose arts courses of personal interest while enjoying mentorship in areas that build portfolios or resumes. They also learn how to promote their arts careers, and impact their communities with art, through social media, grant proposals, and crowdsourcing.

In addition to a foundational course that focuses on key components of choosing the arts for future study or a career, students can take two other courses in the following arts disciplines:

Creative Writing, Dance, Fashion Design, Film and Digital Media, Music, and Theatre.

Students may also choose:
- College Counseling Sessions and/or Individualized Arts Coaching:
- Individual appointments with college counseling staff, and/or additional one-on-one time with private instructors, portfolio assessment, monologue coaching, audition preparation.
- Independent Study and/or Capstone Project:
- Students can propose and co-design an independent study course in the arts area of their choice.


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