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Children are the most precious divine gifts of every family. Motherless or fatherless, every child needs unconditional love and care from everyone whether biologically related or otherwise. In fact, they even need more love, care and protection when they are orphans, destitute or are from deprived backgrounds. This is a noble responsibility expected from humanity towards children of this world. In the symbolic recognition of the need for the expression of love and care for children, IGI embrace volunteers from diverse culture to address the need and proper care for children through education, sports, creative art and enable environment to become self independent in the future.



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Yes, I recommend this program

10 months in Ghana

I'm a current volunteer actually located in Agona Swedru. I live in a lovely host family and teach at a private school (GLOVO Academy). I really enjoy every day at school and in this country.
The organisation (IGI) supports its volunteers in everything and cares a lot for them. It also has a volunteer house in Agona Swedru, where visitors or relatives of the volunteers can stay very comfortable.
IGI also organises a one week work camp, where the volunteers will work in a community, on a cocoa farm and give some advices about healthcare.
I really feel very welcomed and well looked after from my host family and the organisation.

Yes, I recommend this program

Wonderful Ghana

A couple of years ago I went to Ghana with the organisation "Inspire Global Ideas". It was a wonderful experience. I stayed with a host family close to the project. They made me feel at home right when I got there and were so nice to me.
"Inspire Global Ideas" (IGI) does a lot to help the communities in Ghana. It was great to be a part of the organisation. I worked in a school as a teacher and I volunteered in communities.
Working in the school and teaching the kids was a life-changing experience. The kids were so nice to me and we had so much fun every day. I also learned a lot from them. My experience in Ghana made me a different person. People in Ghana don't have as much as we have in Europe, but they are the most hospitable people I ever met. Even when life gets tough, they keep fighting and keep a smile on their face no matter what. I learned to appreciate the small things in life and to be grateful for what I have.
I recommend this program to anyone who want to volunteer in Africa.


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