Instituto Cultural Oaxaca

Why choose Instituto Cultural Oaxaca?

The Instituto Cultural Oaxaca offers intensive Spanish programs to students from all over the world in the lively city of Oaxaca. Within classes, instructors incorporate a wide variety of teaching techniques to help students maximize their experience. There are also tailored programs for groups, which include intensive Spanish language programs for medical, academic and business professionals, universities and others. Visit our website to learn more today!


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Yes, I recommend this program

Amazing Program!

I studied at ICO for 6 weeks and was very impressed with the program !
The staff are knowledgeable, considerate and fun. I met a lot of incredibly dynamic folks during my time at ICO - Students and staff alike! The full program offers a unique approach to studying and learning Spanish, and I would recommend it to anyone -- any age, or level of study. (They have kids programs - so entire families can, and do attend.) I thoroughly enjoyed the cooking workshops, where we got to learn about local Oaxacan culture and cuisine, and learn all the language of the kitchen - It is really a unique experience! The addition of the intercambio component was very helpful for me. M-TH you meet with a local for about an hour, where you are able to practice your Spanish in an informal setting [the schools BEAUTIFUL garden] and in turn, they are able to practice their english. I was able to learn a lot of slang through my time spent with my Intercambio!


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