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Since 1998, we have helped more than 20,000 youth travellers from more than 50 counties obtain internships, hospitality and tourism jobs, farm experiences and wildlife & conservation volunteer experiences in Canada, New Zealand and Australia.

We provided life changing cultural exchange experiences to thousands of global citizens, just like you. We strive to meaningfully contribute to building a world-wide community without cultural or linguistic limitations; a world based on mutual understanding and cooperation.

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Internship/Gap Year during the pandemic

Internex made my year!
I had envisaged my year off completely differently to how it actually turned out …. And it couldn't have turned out any better!

Despite the Pandemic and the borders to New Zealand shutting down just after my plane landed in Auckland I had an amazing experience, which I will never forget for the rest of my life. This experience was made all the more memorable and joyful thanks to the work of Internex and especially Chris. He organised and reorganised a host family for me, he made sure I had all the correct documents and he was available to answer all of my questions.

In order to be able to enter NZ I had to go into quarantine for two weeks. Since my original host family did not want the risk of my having the virus and me staying with them, Chris had to find me a new family. He was under time pressure since I was due to arrive the next day. However he found me a wonderful host family and I had the best time with them for the whole of my stay.

After those two weeks the next challenge came along.
I wasn’t able to start my internship in the school, as by that time the virus had spread and we all had to go into a 7 week lockdown. Even though I wasn't able to meet everyone live, I was able to meet them online and carry out my internship.
After those 7 weeks, I finally was able to visit the school in person, where I continued the internship and had an amazing time and absolutely loved it.

Even though I was on the other side of the world without my family or friends during lockdown, I had a great time and would do it all over again!
I never once felt uncomfortable or scared that I wasn’t able to travel or get to experience my gap year/internship in a normal way. Chris had found me an amazing host family who I really got to love and spend the best of times with.

Looking back at my time during the internship, I have to say it was one of the most exciting and also scary things I have done. All of the ups and downs of not knowing when the Lockdown was going to end and where I would be, was so worth it. And knowing that Chris was always there to help me made me feel safe and secure.

What is your advice to future travelers on this program?
Plan your trips and what you want to see. The rest leave be.
Don’t think too much and go where your heart takes you. If it doesn’t go the way you planned, embrace it and let the it take you to your adventure.
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Internship at Real Estate Consultancy in Auckland

After my Abitur I was not really excited to start Uni right away, so I decided to do a gap year in between. It was the best decision I could have made.

I researched in Germany about the opportunities I would have and my interests in suitable countries. My main goal was to find a professional, valuable placement in an English speaking country, to have a working experience for my current studies in Univerisity. Since I did not have any personal contacts myself it was the best choice to go with a placement agency through which I got in contact with InterNex, the supporting agency in my country of choice, New Zealand. The enrollment process was easy and professional and shortly after my skype-interview with Chris I received my offer from a global Real Estate consultancy.

The internship was very professional, and the company could not have been a better fit. I did not have much work experience before, but there I was of high- value to the CEO and my supervisor. They were very positively surprised by my can-do attitude and my great knowledge of English, therefore I was offered diverse opportunities in the company. I was able to work in multiple departments and even visit their second office on the South Island. I was offered to come back any time I want and I hope one day I will be able to return for a job opportunity. I still think about my time there a lot and currently hope to use my reputation and contacts to get an internship at a different location within the same company.

The support from InterNex throughout my stay was also really supportive. I initially wanted to stay within a host family for a month before moving to a Hostel for the rest of my time in Auckland, but already after one week within the family I felt really at home. I decided to stay within the host family for the whole stay and through them Auckland really became my home away from home. The communication with the InterNex team always went smoothly and I took part in multiple of their activities offered.

I can only recomment their services, since they were really supportive and I met great people through my stay in New Zealand. Applying for an internship with InterNex was one of the best experiences I had in my life so far!

What would you improve about this program?
My initial information about the host family was not up to date but other than that the team was always very supportive and offered an all round service, from airport pick-ups to travel information for after the internship.
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HR-Internship abroad

Finding an internship abroad isn't easy, but INTERNEX sure made it look like it. I had a lot of requirements from school and INTERNEX ensured I had the challenging internship I was looking for. I had already been to New Zealand before so for me the internship was more about the quality and content of the internship and not so much the exchange itself (However this was a nice bonus!). INTERNEX met every requirement while looking for an internship and I have absolutely loved my 7 month long internship in Auckland. Great support from INTERNEX with regular check in's. It couldn't have been better really!!! Thank's again for the amazing experience

Yes, I recommend this program

The best time of my life

One of my highlights during the time in New Zealand was the family I was living with and I am still so thankful that Internex picked them for me. It was a crazy, very busy, a little bit chaotic, fun loving and loveley family. The way they indluded me into the family from the very first second was such a great experience for me. Even the youngest kids (5 and 6 yo) were already so open that there was no chance for homesickness. During 4 month there was not one minute that I was bored. For example - In my first week after i finished my work in the stable the kids took me frog hunting one day when they were wearing their favourit princess dresses. Of course that didnt went well and after only 10 minutes I came home with two wet and dirty princess who were falling in the pond, a dirty wet dog and not even a frog. But i noticed very quickly that this is the normal life on the farm. And I was so happy about that. I think they are typical Kiwis... so open-hearted, enjoying their lifes and just having lots of fun. And they supported me a lot with travelling around and see as much of the country as possible. So at the end of my trip I saw more of the country then I first planned.
After 1-2 month in NZ I already noticed how the time aboard is changing me. When I first arrived I always said "No, I will never to something like skydiving or bungy" and I always was a real worrier. But the love of life from the Kiwis and all the other travelers I met was just infecting me and I learned how to enjoy and live the life. Just have fun and try to do as much as you can. So at the end of my trip I couldnt wait for finally jumping out of a plane! I love the Kiwi way of life and hope that I can keep it for me as Long as possible!

What would you improve about this program?
I think it might be helpful for the participants if they get the information about the family they will live with a little bit earlier. I got my family 4 days before I was leaving and I thought thats already very short-termed but when I arrived in Auckland I met some other girls of the programm and some of them didn't know where they are going to live although they were already in NZ. They were very unhappy and insecure what I noticed when we were in the group.
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The polaris

First we stayed on a quite small Dairy Farm in Dargaville. There were a wife with her husband, a daughter and Harley the dog. The work on the farm was very and there was always something to do. We were allowed to drive this little vehicle (polaris) to reach the workplace.
Once we had to clean the trughs which was quite disgusting because of all the weed and little insects inside. So we took the polaris to get to all the 50 paddoks and when we nearly finished this job and wanted to go to the last paddok which was so far away from the house and everything, the polaris just stopped and we couldn't move it any further. So we had to WALK all the was back and then it just began to rain so that was so funny!


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Staff Interviews

These are in-depth Q&A sessions with program leaders.

Cathryn Salt

Job Title
Partner Liaison

What is your favorite travel memory?

Cathryn Salt

My most favorite travel memory would have to be from August 2014 when I spent a week on a boat island hopping in Croatia - what an absolutely stunning place that is! Starting in Split, we made our way to Dubrovnik stopping along the way in Hvar, Korcula, and Mljet, just to mention a few. It was a perfect way to get the best of both worlds, offering both a party scene and time to relax. The boat had 45 like-minded travelers and by the end, I had made some friends that are still my best!!

Which destination is most underrated? Conversely, which is most overrated?

I can't say as I have been anywhere that easily fits these categories. Whenever I travel I go with an open mind and so far everywhere I have been is beautiful in its own way. The place, the people, the feel - it's all unique and every new destination has been a great one!!

What do you believe to be the biggest factor in being a successful company?

I believe one of the biggest factors in being successful is having a passionate staff. Our team here at INTERNeX believe in what we do and love it! We are all passionate about travel, we have all lived/studied/worked in a different country and all have so many amazing memories from these times. We want each and every one of our participants to also have these memories and we are lucky enough to be here helping to create them.

How have you changed/grown since working for your current company?

Since starting with INTERNeX I have had the opportunity to meet so many interesting people from around the globe. From Interviewing our wonderful participants to working with our helpful partners, I am constantly learning more about the world we live in and getting to know so many great people. I'm excited to get up in the morning and see what my day will bring!

What unique qualities does your company possess?

We offer quality programs and give participants the opportunity to fully experience the local culture through working, interning, volunteering and participating in our programs. We offer a full service from application to arrival and 24-hour support throughout their placement period. We look after our participants as if they are family and ensure their experience is better than the best!

Describe a time when you felt especially proud to be part of your current team.

Reading reviews from our wonderful participants always sends the good feels and gives us some first-hand evidence that what we do is truly making a difference to their life experiences! As I have also briefly touched on we have a great team and I am genuinely proud to be a part of it!

What is the best story you've heard from a return student?

Just recently I interviewed a girl who took the Ranchstay Program in Canada and enjoyed it so much that she decided to take the Farmstay Program in New Zealand. During the Interview, she told me all about her past experience in Canada and how INTERNeX had found her a perfect host family who she is still in contact with. She was so excited for her New Zealand adventure I think she would have arrived the next day if she could. It's so awesome to hear someones excitement and know that it's your job to work with them to create this new adventure!!