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Why choose Kaland Adventure Association?

Our aim is to introduce the use of the English language to various European children at our camp and other cultural facilities. Our methods involve communal play, and games incorporating the use of everyday English without a strict school environment. We aim to overcome the usual inhibition that is associated with the practical use of a foreign languages. Our association endeavors to make a connection between the Hungarian and Anglo-Saxon cultures.


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Yes, I recommend this program

Simon's Review

I've spent my last two summers here, and I had an experience I will cherish forever.
The staff at Let's Play English are super benevolent, lively and overall a blast to work with.
I recommend this program to those who enjoy working with kids/teenagers, being active and in the outdoors. The activities can be quite straining at times, but the volunteers alternate roles throughout the day so we don't burn out. Activities with the kids include anything from baseball and day long hikes to the nearby hills to just playing cards with the them to help them practice their English with you.

Food and accommodation is included, but bring some money for weekend and evening getaways. The free time I had I spent touring the nearby cities. Really cool stuff!

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Yes, I recommend this program

A great experience!

This camp offers a great opportunity for both campers and volunteers! It takes a unique approach to practicing English which allows English language learners to practice language in daily use as well as in a classroom setting. I've made some great friendships over those 2 months in 2018 and will never forget the fun we had while working and while travelling on our days off :) This is a great opportunity to start gaining experience if you are interested in a career in teaching, or just to go somewhere different to meet fun people and travel a bit! This camp offers a fun atmosphere and good company! The campers are sweet and like to have fun, so leaders: bring your energy and your leadership skills so you can show these kids how to have a good time while practicing English! :)

What is your advice to future travelers on this program?
You're going to need lots of energy and patience to keep going for a long period of time. You'll be with the kids for a big portion of your day, so eat and sleep well! The kids don't usually speak English well, if they speak it at all, so you have to be patient and understanding when you start interacting with them because they'll probably be too shy to speak much with you (don't be offended!). During the time you volunteer, accommodations and your three meals/day will be provided for you and you will get some pocket money as compensation toward your flight, so you will have some money provided which, last summer, totalled out to about $100/week. This is still a volunteer job so aside from this, bring enough money with you just in case and to pay for food up until you actually start working at the camp (training is only a few days, but you'll need some money for food then too, but not for accommodations). Make sure you can cover your flight and any extra accommodations which are not part of the camp period (ex. before, after, and weekend trips between camps). The pocket money is usually enough but a little extra is nice to have too. Make sure you discuss the details with Eszter and Orsolya, though, so you can properly plan and fund your trip. These are just some things to consider but you'll definitely have a great time! :)
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Yes, I recommend this program

The best summers of my life

My past two summers at this camp were amazing! The staff was really friendly, and the kids were a blast as well. I had so much fun learning about Hungarian culture.
The camp leaders always made sure that we had everything we needed for activities, or personal needs such as if we were sick or if we had a special diet. We went to the beach (Lake Balaton) three times a week where we also had some time to ourselves. At the beach, there are vendors of all kinds of foods. This is where we loaded up on $1 crepes (yumm).
The entire camp had lunch at a close by restaurant, where we received a great variety of delicious Hungarian foods.
During our days off, we went to close by tourist attractions or Budapest. The Hungarian camp staff told us their recommendations for such short trips. They also made sure we knew about (and were given time to go) all kinds of festivals nearby. My favourite was The Valley of the Arts which is a festival for all kind of artisans and musicians.
Overall, the food, the positive environment, the children, and my experiences all added up to an unforgettable summer.


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