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Why choose Konohana Kindergarten?

Konohana Gakuin Kindergarten believes success begins with each individual teachers and staff. If you are interested in joining us, please contact us now. Please give us your basic information especially your present job together with following information: name, e-mail, address, telephone, fax. Once we receive your message, we will contact you to have your resume and related information.



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Charmaine Ashley
Yes, I recommend this program

I want to teach kids and want to learn from them too.

I work in a hotel as of the moment. I work as an account Executive and at the same time as a Marketing Assistant. I just realized now that even with the great salary I'm having, I'm still not that happy. It's like there's something missing Then my friend, she works also in Singapore, I can see her from her posts that she's loving her work, she's very passionate about it and I was jealous a bit. seeing that she's happy and fine. Then I moved on, I'm just happy for her but suddenly when I went online there are these links and posters on my news feed, I thought, woah maybe this is as sign. I might actually wanted to do something else. Something worthy and fun as well. To tell you honestly, I like kids but I don't want to bear one yet. Maybe not now but really my mind is settled to that already. Maybe I'll adopt soon when I'm ready. Anyways, that's my story. I hope you can give me a chance cause I really need this. I want to fulfill this dream,


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