Namaste Center



We are a franco-peruvian couple and just we had settled down in South of Peru (Palpa), after living before in South of France, Quebec-Canada and the rain forest in Peru.

We are here to develop our life project in a simple, humble, easy and zen lifestyle. We are both holistic therapists, and would love to expand our activity, feeling the need to develop and share it with others, step by step and little by little.
What is about this project ?

We would love to develop a free Multicultural and Holistic centre in PALPA, regarding to :
• Language teaching for Children & adults: French and English
• Lessons & Workshops: Yoga, Pilates and Meditation
• Lessons & Workshops of Holistic Technics: Reiki & Magnetism, Reflexology, Shiatsu, Thai massage & Acupressure,
Singing bolw, PNL, Emotional freedom technic, and much more.
• Lessons, Workshops and retirement: Zen lifestyle, helthy and balanced nutrition, Alkaline and rainbow diet, body ph,
fasting, cleansing, medicinal plants, Shamanism and elignment.
• Children and Elderly care

Beside this, we need to develop a self-sustainable project to be able to afford with all the expenses to cover, such us:
• Hostel
• Restaurant
• Touristic
• Holistic and Alternative Healing Centre
• Permaculture garden

Please highly we will appreciate if you respect our lifestyle as we are not involved at all with any kind of Drugs, Smokes, Weed or Cannabis, Hallucinogens (including Ayahuasca, Mushrooms, San Pedro, etc), Alcohol, Party, Complaining & Negative. We will be glad if you share the same lifestyle.


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