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Why choose Nikitas Language Abroad Schools?

Nikitas Language Abroad Schools (NIK-LAS) offers the highest quality of creatively diverse immersions programs at an affordable cost, and we do not sacrifice quality in doing so. Our year round programs facilitate cross-cultural learning in a fun and engaging environment that nourishes cultural exchange and academic growth.

We are sensitive to the desires for diverse educational programs that richly blend language with culture, people and history. We nurture an environment for the Intercambio experience, which provides uniquely positive influence on your travel experience. NIK-LAS also provides beautifully furnished apartment suites for medium to long-term students and travelers.


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CFHI Accra Ghana

Our program was centered on understanding the many social determinants of health that are in place in Accra, Ghana. We worked primarily out of the Princess Marie Louise Children's hospital in Accra, working with the various departments to understand the types of patients that they normally see and with what conditions they normally arrive. The doctors and staff at the hospital were very helpful in helping me gain understanding of the types of disease burden the hospital normally sees, which is much different than what you would see working in a U.S. hospital. The program also allowed us to visit and learn from the many public health offices of the government, as well as USAID and the WHO.

This experience really opened my eyes to what was possible in a global health field and inspired me to continue working towards a career in global health. It also allowed me to learn about the people and culture of Ghana, which was really enlightening as well. I would highly recommend the program to anyone who wants to learn more about social determinants and global health!

Yes, I recommend this program

UNI-Prep Institute 120Hr Certification

İ was very happy with the program. The readings were detailed and concise. İ took the 120hr certification. İ enjoyed being able to have the freedom of working when İ could and İ feel confident that İ now have the tools to teach English abroad. İ highly recommend UNI-Prep İnstitute!

Note: This is an online TEFL certification program. There is no housing provided or anything like that. I plan on teaching English in the middle east and İ can't wait to get started! Thanks to UNİ-PREP!


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