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The Online & Overseas Teacher


Work with us in Language Schools, Kindergartens and International Schools across China to help children and adults gain a passion and excitement for learning English (as well as other subjects). You will be applying to work and live in China for a minimum of one-year.

- All applicants will be trained to teach from the very beginning if you have never taught before.
- All applicants will go though a period of classroom observation where you will be watching other teachers classes to gain more confidence before teaching.

We have vacancies in over 50 cities across the country, if you book an interview with us you will receive advice on living and working in China as well as help in deciding which city you might want to apply to teach in.

To learn more about the exact day-to-day details of the job, please book an interview and we will be happy to explain everything in great detail and answer all your questions.



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