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Peace Matunda


Peace Matunda is a locally founded NGO including a Primary School and Orphanage, which gives children in the lowest income families an opportunity to a private school level education. The Amani House Orphanage is also home to 25 underprivileged children, who rely on the stability and positive family environment provided. The sister Safari Company makes memorable trips possible with unique insights in the culture and wildlife of Tanzania.

In addition 15% of its profits go back to school and orphanage. Peace Matunda also offers different internship and volunteer opportunities and will help to arrange your individual unforgettable stay.


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Yes, I recommend this program

I have been to Peace Matunda 3 times (stayed between 4-6 weeks each time) and can honestly say it was a life changing experience. I would recommend it to anyone. Weekdays are spent in a classroom helping the teachers. Assisting the children in "baby class" is a challenge if you don't know the language but still a lot of fun! Kids in the kindergarten class and higher know English so it's easier to help out. After school you have the chance to play games, sports, or help kids with their homework. Weekends you get to do what you like. I went on safari a couple of times - had a great time. I'm not a real social person so did not go out with the younger volunteers so can't speak to the other social activities. I did shop in Arusha a couple of times and found getting around easy but very time consuming. There is a beautiful trail from Peace Matunda to Tengeru so if you like nature you should walk the trail down the mountain. Taking the dala dala (bus) is not for those with claustrophobia but otherwise a great way to meet the locals as is a walk up/down the mountain.
The cost of program was reasonable until the government increased the cost of a volunteer visa - this is not within the programs control. The weekly fees are in line with other similar programs.

What would you improve about this program?
Besides helping teachers try to develop other opportunities for volunteers which could include helping out in the community in some way.
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Yes, I recommend this program

I visited Peace Matunda as a volunteer from the UK for 12 months between 2010 - 2011. It's an incredible organisation that was founded by the local community and is managed by a local team.

Since 2007 the organisation has transitioned from an informal community focused welfare organisation to a registered English-medium primary school (this is a HUGE achievement!)

It also houses approximately 25 children who would otherwise struggle to achieve full tertiary education to to lack of finances, housing, support.

The project is a working school and children's home so please go with this in mind. You will need to have a professional attitude to all tasks and consider that your role could range from being a teaching assistant, children's home assistant to running extra-curricular classes (amongst other tasks). Whilst it's not there to tailor its every function to your every whim (as some organisations do at the expense of their beneficiaries), it will provide you with a very friendly, insightful and educational experience into life within an education development organisation.

The organisation has a large international support following and is situated in one of the most beautiful regions of Tanzania. It sits at 6km up into the stunning rainforest of Mount Meru, about a 30 minute drive into the city of Arusha.

You and your fellow volunteers will be the only "wazungu" (foreingers) in the immediate area so you'll have a very unique experience "off the tourist trail".

I would definitely recommend visiting Peace Matunda - you'd be missing out on so many untold travelling stories if you don't!

What would you improve about this program?
More specified tasks are always useful when taking up the "volunteer" role. However, Peace Matunda is still transitioning to improve its volunteer experience. This is something that most volunteer organisations struggle to meet the demands of as ultimately you are entering a professional working environment and therefore, catering for visitors is a difficult task. What I like about Peace Matunda is that it does not use volunteers as a replacement for jobs that could be filled by local expertise. Be patient, be kind (to staff and other volunteers) and you'll have a great experience.


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