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Do you ski or snowboard or mountain bike? Qualify with us, then work as a ski or snowboard instructor or a mountain bike guide, in some of the world's best resorts. Qualifications are internationally recognized so you can work abroad during your gap year and afterwards at home.


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Yes, I recommend this program

Argentina 2015!

First of all, Argentina as a country is bloody brilliant. Some incredible, places, people and things to do.
The Peak Leaders course there was fantastic and I would recommend it to anyone. The weather can be pretty variable. When its good, its incredible, but when its bad it can be very grim. The snow is surprisingly good! Can't ski down to the bottom, but after training, its actually quite nice to get the chair down!
The first couple of weeks got a bit slow with the instructing from the local instructors if i'm honest, but as soon as the BASI guys came, everyones skiing improved dramatically!
Had such a good bunch of other people on the course which made the social side really fun, however the clubs and everything didn't really let us in... so on that part, it wasn't too great. But the hotel is awesome and we had it all to ourselves which was a massive bonus.
Would have liked a bit more freedom in the evenings but it is a course where you get a qualification at the end, so can't really complain about having lectures and having to study!
All in all, it was an amazing 2 months and my only regret was not staying out longer to see more of Argentina and all the other countries in South America!

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Yes, I recommend this program

Fantastic experience with fantastic people!

I was a member of the Bariloche Summer 2015 program in which I achieved BASI Level 1 and 2. I can honestly say it was one of the best experiences I have ever done in my life and would recommend to all considering. The opportunity to ski everyday in the mountains of Patagonia and learn from experienced professionals is not one to be passed up, even if your not looking at the qualification as a progression towards future employment.

The support staff of the peak leaders program were very professional and catered to the needs of the trainees. Perhaps the best part of this was the support from local staff based in Bariloche, who have spent many seasons in the mountains, providing experienced advice and organising fun activities when not skiing.

Socially it was almost impossible to be bored throughout the eight weeks of the course. When not skiing there was the option of many activities such as climbing, 5-aside football, Yoga or just relaxing in the lodge which was definitely necessary after a hard day on the slopes! It was an absolute privilege to be afforded the opportunity to spend a summer in Bariloche, both gaining an important qualification and also meeting and getting to know a variety of different people and cultures. I would recommend this program to all with a love of skiing and the mountains!

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Yes, I recommend this program

Great mountain, great housing

I was on the course in 2015 in bariloche, qualifying to basi level 2 skiing. We stayed in a friendly hotel in a stunning location by the lake. We had the hotel to ourselves which was amazing.. The first 4 weeks we were coached by argentine instructors to give the base technique. The coaches were very popular with the group but once the basi trainers took over after week 4 we were told to change much of the technique they had taught us. With regards to value, the food and drink here is very cheap with the best steak and red wine in the world, but it should be made clear that activities like cat skiing are an extra that costs additional money. The staff help in the job application process, giving contacts and references. The truth is that for terrain, bariloche doesn't quite match europe, but there are some great slopes and you'll be hard pressed to find a more interesting place to stay for 2 months. As a side note, if you are looking to party all the time, this is not for you, we found it difficult to find any clubs willing to let us in without paying the equivalent of £30. As an experience though, with the awesome weekly asados (bbq with great steak), argentina peak leaders is incredible.

What would you improve about this program?
More freedom in the evenings after skiing and be more upfront about the extra cost of catskiing.


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