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Peru Luz de Esperanza


Peru Luz de Esperanza was founded in 2007 by Nilton Tarazona and Elizabeth Tinoco as a social support program to address poverty through education in the rural area of Chupaca-Huancayo, Peru.



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Yes, I recommend this program

My daughter and I have been associated with Nilton and Eli since we volunteered with a related charity in Huancayo in 2006. Eli accompanied us on our travel to orphanages and assisted us with every concern while working with families in the Andes. When my daughter and I returned to the US, we formed a charity of our own to raise funds for specific needs of children Peru Luz brought to our attention, and for the construction and running of their rural schools. Having worked in an orphanage school in Huancayo, we understood the need for meals, furniture, school supplies, facilities, and utilities for the support of rural families.
This is a family of committed nationals striving at the ground level to improve the health, safety, and education of the most needy in their area. Through their efforts, basic nutritional, hygienic, and emotional support are continuing to be provided through Peru Luz de Esperanza.
Nilton and Eli are easy to work with. We have operated jointly with them on several projects over the years and have absolute faith and trust in Eli and Nilton. They have been our ¨boots on the ground¨ since our return to America. They have not received any pay or benefit from us. Just the opposite, they have given of their own resourced in goods and time to carry out our projects in Peru. Their selfless devotion is unwavering, and we consider them our good friends.

What would you improve about this program?
As with any small charity, they always need more staff.
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Yes, I recommend this program

I have been to Peru Luz de Esperanza 4 times and will go back just as soon as I can. The children are so so eager to learn -- and all the things for volunteers like housing, food, tours, and wonderful care by the local people in charge are flawless. One of the most amazing moments, before the new school was finished, I was teaching in a small room in Ahuac and one of the young girls was looking through my Castellano(Andean Peruvianspanish)-- dictionary for some words. I asked her if she had a dictionary. "No." So for the last class I bought these paperback Castellano-English dictionaries for all of this class. Well, they acted like I was handing them blocks of pure gold, and immediately started looking up words, and writing their names in the dictionaries. I don't think I have ever felt quite so happy. The school has wonderful ambitions and only needs more international volunteers to come and do what they do-- I teach English and photography because that's what I do; others build furniture for the children's homes--beds and chairs. But that day with the dictionaries still makes me cry with happiness, and longing to go back.

What would you improve about this program?
This program is in the beautiful Mantaro Valley where most of the families have no land and the whole families work for hours and hours each day for a pittance. But the parents send their children to this school. The school operates by the locals, parents and the originator of the program Nilton and Elisabeth, but it most needs International volunteers and International donations. See their website for more information on getting involved!
Yes, I recommend this program

I loved the time that I got to spend volunteering at the Peru Luz de Esperanza school so much that I went back a few months later with my husband. Nilton and his family are wonderful hosts and truly good people doing good work. They were so welcoming and very careful to make sure that I stayed safe, recommending clean restaurants and helping me navigate Chupaca and Huancayo.

One of my biggest concerns before going was that I wouldn't be able to offer anything really useful (it's hard to volunteer effectively in a place you don't know much about) but Nilton does a great job planning so that volunteers can really contribute to the students and community. The students seem to enjoy having visitors and are excited to practice as much English as possible, read books and learn computer skills. I also felt that the community appreciates and values what the school is doing for the students.

I can't recommend Peru Luz de Esperanza highly enough!! Visiting was a great experience, I hope to go back someday.

Response from Peru Luz de Esperanza

Thank you dear Erin for your comment.
Why volunteering with us?
First of all, because the school of Peru Luz de Esperanza is not located in the city, It has been built in the back country, in a small village called Ahuac. Fresh air, tranquility, friendly people, families raising animals and growing vegetables will be a part of your experience with us. Being a volunteer with us means that you will enjoy your work with locals and will also enjoy the tranquility of nature at 3460 meters above sea level(11351,71 feet above sea level).

As a volunteer with Peru Luz de Esperanza, you will use your individual skills and energy to make a real difference in a small community that genuinely needs your help.
Our projects are focused on helping children, families and rural communities. This is one opportunity for you to be involved where children need your help the most. Not only money can change their lifes, but also the energy of all the volunteers who want to do something for someone with a lot of care and love.We will always have room for you here, because your help is very important for the community. We have options of voluntary jobs; you can choose what you like best.


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