Planet Costa Rica

Planet Costa Rica


Planet Costa Rica is an animal rescue/sanctuary and an organic farm located near the city of Tucurrique (Cartago Province) Costa Rica. Please visit our website for full information on our volunteer program.



Yes, I recommend this program

For full long time vegans or people interested in learning about the lifestyle and community inside a country who shares similar vegan values, Planet Costa Rica (PCR) is a perfect spot to be during your travels. Costa Rica's long time values of conservation, non-violence, sustainability, and love are the perfect counterpart to living on a vegan permaculture farm and sanctuary. As a part of WWOOF, PCR requires actual hard labor on their farm (muscle energy vs. fossil fuels) but comes with many benefits of fresh organic food, safety, immersion in the coffee +sugar plantations of rural Costa Rica and access to knowledge from the hosts who have lived many different lives. While PCR is not for everyone, if you are an independent open-minded adventurer, this is the place for you.

Yes, I recommend this program

Firstly if you're lucky enough to have this opportunity you will be based in the most beautiful, relaxing and authentic part of Costa Rica - off the beaten tourist track but for a really good reason :)
Now when describing my experience at PCR (Planet Costa Rica) it's difficult fit everything in and fully explain in words the great time I had there volunteering for 3 weeks alongside my girlfriend. Right from the start we were greeted by all the loving animals and Allan the owner enjoyed giving us a guided tour of the area. The tasks we were asked of were fun, interesting, varied and beneficial and we never felt as if it was too challenging. After being their just a couple days I wanted to help as much as possible and its the warm and friendly atmosphere which brought this out in myself.
I quickly learnt the names and personalities of all the resident animals and would actively care for them after daily volunteering hours were up. We stayed in a lovely casita with a good shower, comfortable bed, enjoyed looking at the stars at night through the window and sometimes falling asleep to the sound of a tropical night shower!
Breakfast and lunch provided was always of the highest standards and even though Allan was a 'masterchef', he was always open to letting us try our own recipes to add to the menu.
If you're looking for learning more about Veganism, being surrounded by adorable animals, and want to experience real Costa Rica then PCR is the place to be!
Thank you so much for making our travels a whole lot more special :)

Yes, I recommend this program

The only bad thing about volunteering at Planet Costa Rica was having to stay good bye to all the animals and to the lovely hosts Allan and Patri. Me and my boyfriend Guy had the best time at the farm, experiencing things we never thought we were gonna experience ever in our lives, like chopping down banana trees with a machete and helping a dog with water therapy, just to name a couple of things.

Even though I've been vegan for the past 5 years or so, I learned so much about vegan food, cooking and got to taste fruit and veggies which I cannot even pronounce but that was so delicious that the food back home doesn't seem at all exciting anymore. What I take with me home though, is a greater knowledge of healthy vegan cooking, I know so much more about animal care in general and I must say myself that I can call myself an expert in building that fence from sticks in the woods (Palomo the horse loved to make it more challenging for me by trying to knock it down from time to time).

It would honestly be stupid to miss out of coming here.

Thanks for everything again Allan and Patri, we miss you and you are the coolest inspiration ever.


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