World premiere of our SHOWTIME! Summer Camp spectacular of Broadway´s “Fame Jr”.

SHOWTIME! Summer Camp

Why choose SHOWTIME! Summer Camp?

The perfect camp experience for an unforgettable summer dream came true, your own journey through a professional, live, Broadway Musical show!
SHOWTIME! Summer Camp is a magical place where dreams actually happen! Here, in the heart of Portugal, campers will experience all the wonders of being part of Broadway musical show with a live orchestra: Music, dance or acting, you name it!
This year's edition of a Broadway's FAME Jr will be the result of superb preparation. The show will be directed by a renown professional and will feature a team of artists and technicians to showcase the performance of our star campers.
In addition, there will be time to enjoy adventure, experience culture, taste local cuisine and relax. We are close to some of the most beautiful beaches and scenic landscapes where our star campers will be safely guided through some fun experiences while creating lifelong memories.


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