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Study abroad with Simon Fraser University (SFU) in a number of destinations across the world. Two possible options include exchanges at SFU partner universities for one or two semesters, or field schools where a group of students spend a term overseas. SFU also offers two dual degree programs, one in Canada & Australia, and the other in China. Check out some of the great programs listed below with Simon Fraser University!



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International Study opportunity at SFU

I studied at Simon Fraser University for three years and during this time, I spent my life in British Columbia - known as most beautiful and liveable city in the world. I enjoyed cleanness of the city, people and mixed culture. Sometimes people see Vancouver as a boring city because of its cleanness and pureness. (As my friends call it No-Funcouver). I found it even Vancouver is proud of its multicultural-ness of the city, the most of the race is consisted of Asian people from China, Philippine, Japan, Korea and Vietnam.. Overall I liked British Columbia and I loved the people (I think you can claim that they are one of the nicest people in the world). People say hi & thank you when you get on the bus and get off the buses - which so rare in where I grew up (Tokyo). Academic program at SFU is very comprehensive and they encourage you to do a lot of internship and oversea experience. As of my experience, it is not enough to travel but stay and work or study is very very variable in today's globalized society. if you are interested in going to abroad, come to Canada and experience this multi-cultural society and do not day in your comfort zone! I myself met people from all over the world and I am willing to go abroad -next to Europe! It is easy to just gain knowledge from internet and "pretend" that you know everything about the world. But no one can beat your real experience of other culture in other countries.


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