TCCK Global Academy

TCCK Global Academy

Why choose TCCK Global Academy?

TCC Group was founded in March 2004 and listed in listed in Hong-Kong in 2016 “SingAsia Holdings Ltd (Stock Code: 8293)” Established Korea branch in 2016’ and JEJU branch in 2018’ TCCK Global language school is part of TCC Group in Singapore to teach Korean to foreigners. Since then, we have developed unique educational contents and special activities which can enjoy Jeju life to provide the best experience for international students. Our program ensures that there is equal focus on professional language education, but also on hands-on cultural experience such as K-Dance, K-kitchen and K-beauty that our students can make the most of their time in Jeju in Korea.

Whether you are seeking an intensive academic program or are more interested in building your Korean conversational skills for travel, work and play, TCCK Global Academy offers a range of high-quality programs suitable for all levels.



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