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Teach and Learn Russia


Teach and Learn Russia is the first local inbound work experience operator who launched high-standard Language Homestay (T&T) program in Russia in 2012. It allowed hundreds of participants from the US, UK and Europe to experience real Russia and its rich culture while teaching languages in Russian families and language schools.

Since 2005 we have been successfully developing and offering such programs as Work and Travel, Group and Individual Language courses, High Education, Secondary-level Education abroad, Work and Study, Internship, Au-Pair, Teach and Travel. Every year we have about 200 students and young professionals going abroad to reach their goals. We take our job very seriously and our services cover all the way clients should take before leaving. That includes program consultations, assistance with the required paperwork, documents’ translation, and visa assistance.


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As my Second time teaching in Russia i have always enjoyed the people the culture and the cities, small or large. If you looking for an experience like no other with great scenary, friendly community and as well as Amazing staff look no further. Everyone is willing to help and give you the best advice and tips to help your stay feel like you have never left home. The Staff help with each individuals needs and problems if any and make your stay relaxing and that much more pleaseant. The schools are different to many. The children are always eager to welcome you to their class everyday with lots of stories and life questions about you.

What would you improve about this program?
So far so good,nothing negative about this program. everything has exceeded my expectations and more. it is a very enjoyable program.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Memories for a lifetime

I spent a few weeks in a language homestay in Russia in 2017. I had a really enjoyable time and made friends with some great people. The family was very friendly and there was plenty to see and do. I knew a little Russian which helped, just some greetings and please and thankyou etc. Overall, this was a much more real experience than being a tourist and you get to meet real people. You also get to see the personal lives of your host family, and get to know their world views and this makes for some great discussion of different perspectives. You will have some great stories for your friends when you return from the beautiful Russia. The only downside is that you'll realise that Russia is a really massive place and you could spend forever travelling around it and still miss some amazing scenery, places and people.

If you want something more substantial and 'real' than some pre-packaged glossy brochure, do this program.

What would you improve about this program?
The program was very enjoyable and I had a great time. I kept an open mind and was just keen to see what happened each day. I guess that occasionally I did feel like I missed some communication from time to time, but overall it was really good. Voronezh was a great city to visit and it was something different as everyone expects to go to Moscow or St Petersburg so Voronezh is a bit of a surprise.


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