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Teachanywhere is an expert in finding teachers for international schools and programs across the globe. For ten years, Teachanywhere has built offices around the world and acquired a perfected knowledge of how to match teachers and schools. For teachers, Teachanywhere's services are free, and upfront obligations on affiliated schools do not exist. We know better than anyone what it is like to live and work abroad, so start your working abroad experience with us!



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Saudi is an incredibly unique country and Riyadh is an amazing city. Riyadh is jam packed with history and culture and being immersed in it really enhances your experience. Bogazici is a great school with a beautiful campus and great professors. Learning about a subject from a different point of view is one of the most valuable experiences you can have. The professors are very friendly and you can talk to them anytime. All 3 campuses are easy to get to either by walking or by shuttle. But be careful, the buildings on the maps are abbreviated in their Saudi name! Food on and around campus is exceptional. Become a part of Exchange Student Network at Bogazici to meet Sadui and international students alike. Housing in the new dorm was nice but had some structural issues. Superdorm is nice but a little outdated. Entertainment surrounds you on and off campus, the Film department has a small theatre on campus that screens films every night from Amityville Horror movies to Marie Antoinette. Etiler and Bebek are just short walks and the rest of the city is accessible by bus,tram, subway, or ferry. You don't want to just stay in Istanbul though, go visit the rest of this incredibly beautiful, historic, and humble country!

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by having more professional people monitor the program


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