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Founded in 2005, TeachingChile is a U.S. company that is managed, staffed, and operated from an office in Santiago, Chile. The company’s charter is to help advance English in Chile by recruiting qualified native-English speakers to teach English in Chile’s schools, universities, and language institutes for one or two semesters. To date, we've successfully brought 432 teachers into the country.


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Yes, I recommend this program

TeachingChile was a great experience. I did the program for one semester in 2011 and taught university students. The students were great, the job was fairly easy and the city was a nice place to live. I had a great experience living with local Chileans, and I felt the pay was good enough to cover my living expenses. However, flying to Chile can be pretty expensive, so you'll definitely want to save up before leaving. I'd also recommend bringing a decent amount of money to live off of before your first paycheck arrives. I was never paid late, and Andrea was always there to answer any questions or assist me with whatever I needed. Overall, a fun, safe first step into teaching abroad. I highly recommend TeachingChile.

What would you improve about this program?
My only complaint is that I had to teach one Saturday class, which meant I couldn't take off on weekends to travel. However, I found that many times, for year-long participants, my university would assign a Saturday class your first semester but none your second. If you choose to teach in universities, however, there is a chance you'll get a Saturday class.
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Yes, I recommend this program

I discovered TeachingChile at a crossroads in my life when I had just finished studying at the university and was uncertain as to what direction to take my life. While I had previously visited Chile, I was not sure about TeachingChile at first, because my only point of reference was their internet presence. When I saw that they had a U.S. telephone number, I decided to give them a call to see what sort of "human factor" I would find. I ended up talking with Bruce for a long time, and decided that TeachngChile was a sound company. I was also unsure about the placement fee, as they were a bit difficult for me to cover, but in considering all the services and support they obtained for me, I can now say it was more than worth the price.

In deciding for TeachingChile, I had noticed other programs, including one that offered volunteer teaching experiences without placement fees, but only offered small monthly stipends. I elected to go with TeachingChile, feeling it would be a fuller experience to receive my own pay for my work and deciding how I would use it myself, rather than having an organization provide me with basic necessies.

During the process of preparing to teach in Chile, I was pleasantly surprised to always encounter Bruce and Andrea at the other en dof the phone everytime I had a question.

The help and support continued as I arrived to Chile and started work. I am very grateful for the support, since my previous experience in Chile had not prepared me completely for my laboral experience.

Participating in the TeachingChile program was one of the most positive and impacting decisions I have made in my life. The initial uncertainy and doubt ended up paying off - TeachingChile ended up being a wonderful experience that helped me further my career in education. Looking back I don't think I could have done it without TeachingChile's support.

Thank you Bruce and Andrea!

What would you improve about this program?
As a personal preference, I feel that the pay could have perhaps been a bit higher, as I was accustomed to the pay a U.S. teacher received. However, putting the pay I received in the context of where I was working - Chile - and not the context of where I am from - the United States - I can't really complain - the pay is quite reasonable if one attempts to live and learn a Chilean lifestyle, as opposed to trying to maintain a U.S. lifestyle in Chile.
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Yes, I recommend this program

I owe so much gratitude to TeachingChile for the opportunity. From the first day of inquiry via telephone, through the visa process, assisting me with slightly daunting Chilean RUT number acquisition, through ongoing support I received during my time in Chile. When I needed help from TeachingChile, I got it...pronto.
In addition to what I mentioned above, TeachingChile helped with other needs during my tenure in Chile: (1) When I had a bronchial infection, Andrea made an appointment for me with the doctor, accompanied me, translated everything and made sure the medications I bought at the pharmacy were correct. And she followed up with me nearly everyday (plus TeachingChile had a discount pre-arranged for me, which saved me some money), (2) when I asked Bruce for advice on where to buy some specialty food items, he not only suggested the locations, but met with me and took me to various places--a two hour "tour" of great places to buy special things that only the "locals" know, (3) when I lost my cell phone, Bruce was able to replace it for me with in 24 hours, reactivate my same cell phone number, and deliver it to me ASAP, and (4) I had several packages sent to me from family and friends--to Bruce's personal address in Chile--and he promptly advised me of receipt and subsequently delivered to me the next day. Amazing!!
I also had loved the monthly newsletters that TeachingChile sent me. And I did win one of the prizes: a dictionary of the "Chilenismos" which provided me great learning and hilarious fun with my Chilean friends.
Outside of teaching, I found the country of Chile fantastic, the Chilean people extraordinarily friendly, the city of Santiago a very safe place to live, pleasant weather, and access to healthy food shopping beyond my wildest expectations. I highly recommend Chile and also the TeachingChile company as well as a great, professional, responsive company that has made this all possible for me.
Muchas Gracias TeachingChile!

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No, I don't recommend this program

The directors were very helpful up to the point you arrive, but that's where things change. The orientation was a joke and we did not receive the relevant training to be successful in our teaching positions. We weren't paid on time and the housing assistance didn't happen. People at colegios were thrown into teaching classes on their own with ZERO materials, no books no curriculum, not even a white board marker. When the program found out they did not do anything to help, and the schools kept pressuring us to teach class after class of screaming out of control students even though we were supposed to be teaching assistants. Over time they started providing even less support, not responding to phone calls or emails of participants that were being threatened to have their paychecks withheld in 2012. The Facebook group has also become heavily censored, deleting any negative or critical posts and then requiring an administrator to approve any posts before they are allowed. They also threatened to kick anyone out of the program who said anything negative in their blog or in an online forum. (I know this after having contact with participants since I finished the program). Save yourself the program fee and go to Chile. There are plenty of jobs and you can find the one that works best for you.

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Yes, I recommend this program

I participated in the TeachingChile program in 2010. The TeachingChile staff provide tremendous, personal support getting settled, and are all available when you need them throughout your entire time in Chile. One of the staff members is an angel in human disguise, able to solve issues that inevitably arise when you are starting off in a new culture. If you want to teach for 1 year, or want to get your "foot in the door" for a more extended career teaching ESL in Chile, I highly recommend TeachingChile. A certain very popular ESL website occasionally has negative posts about TeachingChile....BALDERDASH!!!!!! TeachingChile rocks!

What would you improve about this program?
$400.000 clp per month is a survivable income, but not great. Especially in Santiago, housing is NOT inexpensive. An apartment equal to the apartment I had in Atlanta for $700/mo usd (=$350.000 clp) would cost at least $700.000 clp/mo (=$1400.00 usd) in Santiago. Andrea will help you find adequate housing (she helped me BIG TIME). So other than getting less for your money in the housing department in Santiago than Atlanta, everything else was fine. The TeachingChile staff are tremendous, and I don't get paid to say this!


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Alumni Interviews

These are in-depth Q&A sessions with verified alumni.

Jim Gearing

Jim Gearing worked for many years with international students, scholars, and researchers in the Atlanta, GA area, to assist them in adjusting to North American culture, as well as teaching conversational English. From 2005-2010, he engaged in additional post-baccalaureate and graduate coursework in TESOL, then travelled to Santiago, Chile to teach ESL through the TeachingChile program at the professional institute of Universidad Catolica. After returning to the USA to care for his mother, he was granted the Professional Educator’s License by the State of North Carolina Department of Public Instruction, and now teaches ESL in a high school in Charlotte, NC.

Why did you decide to teach abroad with TeachingChile in Chile?

Most people who travel to Latin America to teach ESL initially travel on a tourist visa, look for work and a place to live, then change to a work visa. It’s common for a person to spend 2-3 months looking for steady work, while spending 2-3 thousand dollars out of pocket until they have a sufficient income for expenses. With TeachingChile, on the other hand, I already had a teaching job lined up, with an appropriate visa before traveling to Chile. In addition to having a job already lined up, TeachingChile arranges for housing at no cost for your first 30 days in Chile.

What made this teach abroad experience unique and special?

The TeachingChile staff are incredibly resourceful and helpful. Not only do you have a job and housing upon arrival, they provide an orientation to Chile, put a ready-to-use cell phone in your hand, and take you through all bureaucratic government processes required once you arrive. A TeachingChile staff member helped me find a fantastic living situation, in a “pension”, with room and meals for a monthly rate that I could afford on my teaching salary. Since the staff live in Santiago, they are always there to assist with whatever issue might come up. You can call them anytime, and they are happy to meet you for a cup of coffee if you have questions about anything. All of the staff members are great, but I have said many times that Andrea is an angel in human disguise – she does miracles!

How has this experience impacted your future? (Personally, professionally, academically, etc.)

I had planned to stay in Chile long-term, but my elderly mother’s living situation suddenly deteriorated and I returned to the USA after 1 year to care for her. While in the USA, I applied for a State of North Carolina Professional Educator’s License. Based on coursework I had taken, and my experience teaching through the TeachingChile program, I was awarded a license to teach ESL in North Carolina Public Schools, and began teaching ESL in a high school in Charlotte, NC on August 19, 2013.

What is one piece of advice you would offer someone considering teaching abroad in Chile?

I highly recommend applying for a teaching position through TeachingChile rather than arriving on your own. Occasionally there are posts on a very popular ESL website that trash TeachingChile because of the $1300.00 support and administration fee. The fact is, because you have 30 days housing already arranged at no cost and a job lined-up, you will recuperate the support and admin fee after just one month in Chile. If you go on your own, you’ll end up spending significantly more than $1300.00 before you have stable income. Beyond that, the personal support of Bruce, Andrea, and “the new guy”, is worth the fee without the other perks.