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This organization has been expired and its programs are no longer offered.


Tico TEFL is a leading independent provider of accredited teacher training courses in Costa Rica. Founded by a group of teachers from the United States, with a combined experience of over 50 years in the teacher training industry.

We specialise in providing TEFL/TESOL teacher training courses.
Our flagship 4-week 160 hour course provides expertly designed training on both a theoretical and practical level and is independently accredited, ensuring a universal high standard.

Take your TEFL certification with us to start your journey to becoming a teacher and learn whilst enjoying life in paradise.


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Yes, I recommend this program

Loved my time with Tico TEFL!
Brill course and great memories, if you are looking to get a TEFL certification then this is the place. Amazing tutors and one of the best experiences I have ever had.
I spent over two months in Costa Rica, after the course I stayed on as a volunteer in one of the local schools. I felt like I was able to teach with confidence and I wish I could have stayed longer.
The accommodation is pretty nice (and included in the price!) and Grecia is a nice little town, close to a lot of fun excursions. Our group was really fun!
Definately recommend you go, you will learn a lot and have an amazing time!!!
I plan to head back out once I graduate next year.
Teacher Zara :D

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Yes, I recommend this program

After 10 years working in IT I decided it was time for a career change. Costa Rica was a pin in the map decision and I found TicoTEFL via a Google search. I was a little hesitant as I didn't find many reviews but they seemed to offer the best deal for the course so I decided to take the risk.
In summary I made the right choice. Firstly the service was excellent, as a non-Spanish speaker I wasn't sure about navigating my way through a new country. The staff at Tico TEFL organised my travel from the airport straight to my accommodation. I was met there by one of the course tutors who gave me a briefing on the course and about Costa Rica and Grecia in general.
After settling in and meeting the other students we got to work the next day. The course was really detailed and the classes interactive. They take you through everything step by step and prepare you fully before you get to do any teaching practice. The teaching practice is really fun and the children were great to get to know, as were the adults we taught too!
We progressed through the next weeks and I felt myself becoming more confident as the days passed. At the end of the course I passed all my assignments and graduated. It was hard work at times but I never felt overwhelmed by it. We always had time for after class socialising and some weekend drinks. I miss Costa Rica and my classmates a lot!
You get a lot for your money with the course, all materials, accommodation (with a super tasty breakfast) and some Spanish classes too.
I am now teaching back home in Dublin in a language institiute to get some experience before hopefully heading to Japan. I am still in contact with my tutors who are helping me with my placement in Japan. Can't thank them enough and looking forward to my new career.
Mark (Ireland)

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Yes, I recommend this program

I took this course in May and absolutely loved it!
I'll start with the course. It covers all the standard teaching topics and the classes are taught in an interactive way. You get assignments to complete and also a practical assessment, the assignments weren't too difficult and the tutors are always there if you have a problem. The teaching practice is great. The best part is interacting with the students and feeling like you are a teacher. Costa Rica is an amazing country and our group organised trips on the weekends which were really fun.
The free accommodation was a lot better than I expected and the breakfast was delicious or rico as they say.
So proud to have my TEFL certification and looking forward to teaching again in the future.
An unforgettable experience and adventure.

What would you improve about this program?
Would loved to have stayed longer
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Yes, I recommend this program

I took my TEFL certification with Tico TEFL in May 2016. I was part of a college group with four other students travelling from Iowa.
The course was fun and interesting and the classroom sessions were always really interactive. We had regular assignments to complete, some were challenging but there was help available whenever I struggled. The tutors were very good and explained everything to us well without it being overwhelming or dull.
It was great to get to go to the schools too. The kids were so funny and sweet. They were my favourite part of the whole course. I think the classroom experience was helpful in understanding what we were learning in class.
My class was nine people in total. We all stayed in the same place and it so fun to hang out together in the evenings. The accommodation was very comfortable, we had breakfast provided before class in the mornings and also use of common areas and a kitchen.
Grecia was a lot of fun for us as a group. We often went to the outdoor pool on the weekend which is just a short walk away, there are also lots of restaurants and bars too so you won't get bored easily. There is a beautiful waterfall nearby where you can go and spend the day swimming. The free bonus classes are also very good, especially the Spanish class.
After the course I was recommended to apply for an internship at one of the schools and will now likely return to Costa Rica next summer for a few months.

An awesome experience that I would recommend to anyone interested in becoming a teacher.
+ Excellent tuition
+ A lot of classroom practice
+ Free accommodation
+ Spanish classes
+ Great experience


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