URM - Roberto Miranda Graduate School


Built on a solid foundation of over 40 years of consulting for international luxury brands, URM Education began its activities with a deep understanding of market demands and result-driven behaviors, abilities and techniques.

By adopting a practical approach and bringing real-life know-how to its patrons, URM promotes significant change for both individuals and corporations.

Our learning systems, which have endured the test of time, are applied in our classrooms by top-notch professionals - bringing about the foundations for success in the Luxury Market and drawing guidelines that help our patrons to explore their full potential.

Our vision is to provide education for future business leaders, teaching the entrepreneurial mindset in order to enable them to perform highly both in the local and global environment.

Our focus on entrepreneurship is underpinned by an international development strategy that is part of our identity and culture, so as to ensure that the knowledg



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